Season 2, Episode 3: Visiting Time
Recap by Coops


The day starts with the mail delivery to Larkhall. Nikki looks depressed and is surprised to receive a letter. Opening it, she finds a postcard of a Victorian oil painting. On the back is written "Recognise this? H." There is also a 2 page letter enclosed, and she is delighted when she realises who it's from. [Turns out that the painting is of George Eliot - you may recall that Nikki was reading Middlemarch last series).

Fenner's 2 kids find him sleeping on the sofa. He tells Marilyn that he tried and failed to resist Shell's advances. He asks for her help to get him off the assault charge.

Stubberfield appoints Karen Betts as wing governor. She tells the prison officers that she won't be soft on inmates but she won't tolerate laziness or backbiting amongst the POs. Naive new officer Di Barker transfers from H Wing and soon sees Bodybag's petty and malicious nature. Dominic is scathing about Fenner's behaviour and starts standing up to Bodybag.

Yvonne spots a newspaper article reporting the death of Julie J's loathed ex-father-in-law. Julie S realises that her kids will return from the USA for the funeral. Julie's ex-husband has a court order preventing her from seeing them, so they ask for compassionate leave to attend the funeral but it is refused.

Fenner is interviewed by the police and denies everything, claiming Shell attacked him. Marilyn backs him up as he claims he's a happily married man, although she hasn't forgiven him by any means. She agrees to write to Dockley saying that their marriage is over; they hope that Shell will drop the charges against him.

Shell's power is ebbing away with Fenner gone. Even Denny is losing interest and spending more time with Atkins and the other girls. Hollamby visits Fenner and tells him that Helen has resigned. He is gutted that Betts has got the wing governor's job. He persuades Hollamby to take a letter from him to Dockley.

Josh spots Crystal and is impressed, although when he later tries to chat her up, she rebuffs him.

The Julies are cleaning the floor, and when Bodybag slips and starts moaning, Julie J says "serves you bloody right, you dried-up old bag!" She kicks over the bucket and throws her mop down. Bodybag bangs her up. Yvonne takes pity on Julie and contacts her own gangster husband, planning to get Julie's kids in to visit.

Shell believed Mrs Fenner's letter, and is thrilled to receive one from Jim saying that he loves her and wants to be with her. She goes to Stubberfield and tells him that she lied about the assault. She now claims that she made a pass at him and he refused, so she was trying to get back at him. Karen knows this isn't true and wants Fenner transferred to another wing, but Stubberfield insists that he must return to G Wing.

Next day Denny is expecting a visit from her mum, but she never arrives, much to Denny's concern. Lauren Atkins brings Julie's kids in with her. It is a difficult visit, especially when her son asks if she is a prostitute. Just as they start really talking, Hollomby realises that they shouldn't be there and ushers them out. Julie is hauled away distraught.

Nikki bumps into Fenner. He warns her to keep her nose clean now that Helen is gone. The girls are downhearted that Fenner is back and Bodybag is so spiteful. Yvonne tells them that there are ways of getting back at them.

Fenner goes to Dockley's cell and tricks her into returning the letters to him. He tells her that he told Marilyn what to write, and that he wouldn't leave his wife for a slut like her. Betts sees him coming out of Dockley's cell. She tells him that she doesn't trust him and he should consider applying for a transfer. Denny finds Shell sitting on the floor of her cell, literally pulling her hair out. "He conned me Denny."

The Julies are polishing the top step of the stairs, surrounded by Nikki, Yvonne, Zandra and Crystal. Bodybag slips at the top and they assist her, telling her to be careful. But they close in and a firm shove sends her flying down the stairs. She is seen lying motionless on the floor. Betts rushes over to her, and looks up at our girls who are looking anything but shocked or repentant. 


Top Dog of the Week
Yvonne Atkins (again) who uses her not inconsiderable power for good once more, fixing it for her daughter to bring Julie J's kids in to visit. She fronts up to Shell who is threatening Julie S; and follows this up with a plot to get back at Bodybag, and on slo-mo replay can be seen playing the major part in the tumble. But when the girls close ranks, who can prove a thing?

Dominic for standing up to old Bodybag on several occasions. So he's not just a pretty face then.

Twatting Twat of the week
PO Di "Too Good to be True" Barker who is completely suckered by the Julies' charade of grief. Too gullible for words, this one.

Marilyn Fenner, for standing by her man. "She is deranged", to coin a phrase.

Weedy Pigeon of the week
Julie J who has to confess to her kids that she is a prostitute; and is then dragged away from them thanks to Hollamby.

Spin Doctor of the week
Fenner, at his manipulative best, persuades Shell to drop the allegation and manages to retrieve the incriminating evidence. Stubberfield, who jumps at the chance to get Fenner back in place on G Wing. He seems set on playing Jim and Karen off against each other - either that or he's more naive than we took him for.

Worst Girl of the week
Hollamby, who gets all cosy with the Fenners and manages to upset pretty much everyone else; but hurrah, well and truly gets her comeuppance at the hands of our girls. Brings a whole new dimension to the phrase "I'll go to the foot of our stairs".

Best Line of the week
Hollamby: She'll be out of that uniform and into a suit quicker than Clark Kent!

Nikki: How's she going to do that then, stick a couple of sacks over their heads and sling them in the boot of her car?
[Our Nikki's always had a nice line in sarcasm]

Worst line of the week
The whole Julies & the lemon squirting bit. What pants.

Warring faction of the week
Bodybag and Julie J.

Sight of the week
Nikki's face at receiving Helen's letter *ah bless*.

Hollamby's joy at hearing that Helen has resigned, swiftly replaced by the usual "face like a slapped arse" when Stubberfield announces that Karen has taken over.

Larkhall Miracles & Mysteries
Jim Fenner wakes up on his sofa, so it is the day after Helen's shock resignation. And yet Nikki receives Helen's letter (with 2nd class stamp). Amazing postal service in that bit of London.

Julies tell Shell that they've "lost their favourite screw". But at the end of the last episode they were merrily joining in the taunting of Fenner. Make your mind(s) up.

Shell is told that no-one's scared of her now Fenner's gone. But in BG1 her power derived from her own psycho bitch behaviour plus Denny's muscle. Granted, Denny is losing interest, but surely Shell can still hold her own. And what sort of sucker is she to be taken in by the letters from Fenner and his missus?

Shell withdraws her allegation against Fenner but isn't punished for the "lie". Is this because Karen Betts is convinced it was all true?

Julie J who had 3 kids in Series 1 now suddenly only has 2 in this series, was it abducted by aliens or have I been watching too much 'X-Files'?

What was the point of the underwear?

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