Season 1, Episode 5: Tangled Web
Recap by Filbertfox


Helen is driving into work; she turns the radio volume up when she hears a report about Rachel's suicide...

Newsreader : The Prison Service has promised a full investigation following the suicide of a female prisoner, the second this month. 19 year old Rachel Hicks, an inmate of Larkhall Prison South London appears to have hung herself...
Helen : Hanged! The word is hanged!

At the prison, Dominic, who has just had to collect together Rachel's belongings, tells Fenner that he had become disheartened with the job after what has happened to Rachel. Dominic blames himself, but Fenner makes it very clear that he thinks that Helen is to blame because she put Rachel down on Basic with 'a bunch of nutters'.

After his cup of tea in the officers' room, Fenner goes to see Shell who is still in bed and surprised to see him...

Shell : Don't know if I can manage it this early!

Fenner asks Shell if she was doing like he told her to and staying out of Rachel's way, Shell insists that she was trying to be friends with Rachel, but Fenner isn't convinced...

Fenner : Look, the number one's on the warpath, there's going to be a lot of questions and if they pin anything on you you're gonna be in deep trouble.
Shell : Yeah? Well if I'm in deep trouble I don't reckon I'll be the only one Mr Fenner!
Fenner : You just listen to me! Keep your head down and stick to your story, this is going to get messy.

In Stubberfield's office, Helen is very pissed off to find out that Fenner has also been invited to the crisis meeting about Rachel.

Helen gives Stubberfield her report and tells him that the police have ruled out any explanation but suicide. Stubberfield asks Helen how this could've happened but Fenner jumps in and gives an explanation that makes him out to be a saint and Helen out to be the one in the wrong. Stubberfield makes it very clear that he holds Helen responsible.

Down at breakfast, Shell is trying to reassure a worried Denny that no one will find out about their part in Rachel's decision to commit suicide. Shell spots Nikki walking by and decides to lighten the mood...

Shell : Pity Rachel didn't listen to you Nikki, no use thinking the screws are gonna look after you. Still, look on the bright side, at least there's an extra helping today!

Bad move Shell! Cue Nikki Wade, the 'Ultimate Warrior', jumping over the serving counter to give Shell a good kicking.

Nikki is eventually pulled off Shell and taken down the block which is fast turning out to be her second home.

Back in Stubberfield's office...Stubberfield is still blaming Helen and Fenner keeps jumping in to blow his own trumpet...

Stubberfield : (To Helen) This girl is the first suicide I've had in Larkhall in over 2 years, and how long have you been here?
Fenner : I tried to take an interest, I could see that the girl wasn't exactly fitting in. I mean, it's a tragedy that she even ended up in here so, I made sure I got her a job cleaning in our office.
Helen : Excuse me Jim, but as Wing Governor, I'm the one that authorised that job.
Fenner : Well that's hardly the point, is it Helen? A young girl has died in our care.
Stubberfield : (Looking at Helen) Quite.

Helen realises that she's come out of the exchange looking very bad indeed, Fenner realises this too and smirks to himself...How does the bastard always end up smelling of roses???

Helen then tells Stubberfield that she's meeting Mrs Hicks later that morning and Stubberfield insists that she takes Fenner with her, Helen protests and Stubberfield asks Fenner to leave the room so that he can speak to Helen in private...

Stubberfield : Have you got a problem with Jim Fenner?
Helen : I'm sorry?
Stubberfield : Do you have a problem with Jim Fenner?
Helen : No.
Stubberfield : Well I couldn't help but notice a degree of resentment coming from you. Let me give you a piece of advice Helen, someone in your position can't afford to alienate staff, especially experienced officers like Jim Fenner. We've just had a suicide, there's clearly been a lapse of judgement on somebody's part at some stage before it happened. Under the circumstances I would've thought you'd need all the friends you can get amongst your colleagues.

Dear me, sounds like Helen might be in a bit of bother!

Meanwhile, the other inmates are discussing the Nikki situation...

Julie S : Well if you ask me, Shell deserved all she got, I felt like slapping her meself.
Crystal : You should've.
Julie J : Ere, what if Hollamby gets Nikki transferred?
Julie S : She won't.
Julie J : Poor Rachel, there was always something sad about her.
Julie S : Well we hardly knew her did we? She went straight up to G3. But I always had this feeling, I said to Jue...
Julie J : Cursed.
Julie S : That's what I said.
Julie J : That's what she said.
Crystal : Rubbish! Superstitious nonsense that's what it is.
Julie S : Listen love, for your information I'm a medium.
Julie J : A medium.
Julie S : And that has got sod all to do with superstition!
Crystal : She wasn't cursed, she just didn't know what to do with the 2 good fists God gave her!
Zandra : Think how I feel. I woke up this morning to see her staring at me with those big poppy eyes!
Julie S : Oh stop it!
Zandra : That's what she looked like! My nerves are shot to pieces, the doctor's going to have to give me something.
Crystal : If you loved that baby you wouldn't take nothing, not even for a headache.
Zandra : I do love it! I didn't get rid of it did I? It can't be good for it, me being in this state.

Meanwhile, down on the block, Shell gives Nikki service with a smile...

Shell : You shouldn't be getting nothing after what you done to me. (to Dominic) Sir! She's got a letter with her, that ain't allowed!
Nikki : Piss off Dockley!
Dominic : You're in it now Nikki.
Nikki : So what? It's just another bang up. Throw away the key if you want!
Dominic : Nikki...
Nikki : I'm fine! I'm bloody marvellous being locked up in here 24 hours a day! I won't swing if that's what you're worried about. 2 in 2 days, that would give them something to think about!

Lorna stops by Helen's office to tell her that Nikki is down the block after attacking Shell. Helen is still pissed off after her meeting with Stubberfield and tells Lorna to bring Nikki along to her office later that morning...

Lorna : What here? She's on report ma'am, she's due in adjudication.
Helen : Lorna, if you ever make Wing Governor you'll know how annoying it is being told how to do your job.

Down in the 4-bed dorm, Zandra returns from the doctor and is not a happy bunny...

Zandra : Shit faced doctor wouldn't give me a sodding thing!
Crystal : Mind your language!
Zandra : Got any smack Denny?
Denny : No.
Zandra : Please Den, I'm going out my head here.
Denny : Tough shit!
Zandra : I'll pay you back.
Crystal : Lord, now I know how Daniel felt stuck in this cell with these 2 scumbags!
Denny : Who you calling a scumbag?
Crystal : You! And her!

Zandra lies in her bunk screaming hysterically.

Mrs Hicks arrives to see Helen and Fenner. She tells them that she wants to know why her daughter committed suicide, but Helen is forced to admit that they still don't have the slightest idea.

Back on the wing, Dominic lets Zandra, Denny and Crystal out of their cell. Still desperately needing a fix, Zandra tries it on with Dominic...

Zandra : Sir, the doctor wouldn't give me anything for my nerves and they're wrecked.
Dominic : Did you tell him that?
Zandra : He says I'm putting it on. I mean, what would he do if he woke up to find a dead girl swinging from the window with her tongue licking her knees? Sir, will you go and tell him that I've got to get benzos, please sir?
Dominic : Don't be daft Zandra.
Zandra : (As Dominic walks away) I HATE THIS PLACE!

The meeting with Mrs Hicks isn't going well, Helen makes it clear that she believes Rachel did what she did because she was upset about her baby being put into care, this of course, puts the blame on Mrs Hicks and Helen comes out of the exchange looking very insensitive. Fenner just sits there and says nothing, I though he was supposed to be supporting her?

Dominic goes to see Lorna and tells her that Zandra has been threatening to grass about her escape from the abortion clinic and insists that they get in first and tell Helen. Lorna tells him not to do anything; she'll go and sort Zandra out.

The meeting with Mrs Hicks is over and Fenner and Helen are leading her out. Fenner takes the opportunity to smarm and tells Mrs Hicks how sorry he is, Mrs Hicks recognises his name from Rachel's letters and thanks him for looking after her.

Mrs Hicks then talks about the time Rachel asked her to pick up a package for her and a girl called 'Michelle'. Fenner and Helen both realise that she's talking about Shell Dockley and Fenner tries to make an excuse to get away to warn Shell. Helen realises this and tells him to show Mrs Hicks out. Let's just hope that Shell can think of something quickly 'cause Helen's on the warpath.

Lorna goes to have her little word with Zandra...

Lorna : I'm hearing things I don't like about you doll from Mr McAllister.
Zandra : I only asked him for a favour.
Lorna : Well get this Zandra, Mr McAllister isn't going to be doing you any favours and neither am I!
Zandra : Well that's a shame, for you.
Lorna : Listen lovey, I'm not scared of you.
Zandra : Well what are you doing here then?
Lorna : To warn you. No more threats and no more blackmail! It's your neck on the block if the Guv hears you tried to escape.
Zandra : And what will happen to you?
Lorna : Well...nothing, of course.
Zandra : What for letting a prisoner escape? Well, give me the keys, I'll let myself out.
Lorna : Look, I'm not willing to discuss this anymore! Just keep that shut!
Zandra : Miss? You're sweating like a pig!
Lorna : Look! Watch it you!
Zandra : Well if you're not going to help me I'll go and see Miss Stewart, and don't tell me they'll bang me up for running away because I don't care! I don't care one bit!

Zandra bursts into tears and Lorna tries to comfort her.

Helen turns up in the kitchen and asks Shell about the parcel. Shell is forced to think on her feet and tells Helen that Rachel was pestering her for her drugs contacts and that she had given Rachel that address even though she wasn't sure that her dealer would still be there or not. Shell then puts on a distraught act and asks Helen if not getting the drugs might have made Rachel commit suicide.

Helen obviously doesn't believe a word that Shell is saying, but with no evidence to the contrary, it looks like she has no choice. Realising that she is in the clear, Shell decides to try to butter Helen up and asks to be able to sing at Rachel's memorial service.

Meanwhile, Lorna has managed to calm Zandra down and then leaves the cell thinking that everything is sorted out, but, from the look on Zandra's face, it is obvious that she's not going to let Lorna off that easily.

Dominic sounds off to Fenner (who is watching Shell and Helen out of the corner of his eye) about how disillusioned he is with the job, Fenner isn't exactly interested, but raises an eyebrow when Dominic announces his intention to quit the prison service.

Fenner takes a trip down to the block to let Nikki out for her meeting with Helen...

Fenner : Out!
Nikki : Why?
Fenner : 'Cause the ladyboss wants to see you, that's why.
Nikki : Well you can tell her to sod off!
Fenner : Up! Now!
Nikki : You must be missing Rachel more than any of us Mr Fenner.
Fenner : One more quip out of you Wade and I'll f...
Nikki : Sorry, did I say the wrong thing?

Nikki is shown into Helen's office and doesn't mess about as far as the subject of conversation goes...

Nikki : Suicide now? Is that what you call changing things for the better miss?
Helen : Sit down.
Nikki folds her arms and ignores Helen.
Nikki sits down.
Helen : I'm not having this Nikki, you're not going to undermine the good order of this wing.
Nikki : So transfer me, put me on report, I don't give a shit!
Helen : When are you going to grow up and stop all this macho crap? Why did you attack Michelle Dockley?
Nikki : I dunno, touch of PMT. (Nikki stands up to leave the room)
Nikki : (Sitting down) Don't you wish it was electric?

In the kitchens, Shell and the others are waiting for the food to be brought up, Fenner arrives with news...

Fenner : It's on its way.
Shell : What have they done? Forgotten to piss in it?
Fenner : For your information, there's been a problem with the lift.
Shell : Well it can't go cold, it was never hot!

Fenner asks Shell what she said to Helen, Shell tells him that she told Helen that it was Rachel's idea to get the drugs brought in. Fenner is tres relieved.

Back in Helen's office...

Helen : The only option you leave me is to get you transferred.
Nikki : Send me where you like.
Helen : Is that what you want? To be moved away from Trisha?
Nikki : I don't give a toss about Trisha! She was getting on my nerves so I chucked her!
Helen : Was it a long term thing?
Nikki : 9 years.
Helen : 9? That's a long time.
Nikki : Spare me your sympathy will you? You probably don't think it's for real because we're dykes.
Helen : Oh why don't you just shut up?

Fenner tells Lorna that Dominic has handed in his resignation. Lorna suspects that it is because of the Zandra situation and tells Dominic that they won't be having any more trouble from her. Dominic insists that's not the reason but advises Lorna to tell Helen. Lorna explains that she can't tell Helen because she already has a black mark on her record.

It turns out that Lorna had a prisoner on suicide watch and allowed the prisoner to visit the chapel, Lorna turned her back on the prisoner for a second, enough time to allow the prisoner to slash her wrists. Lorna tells Dominic that she was lucky not to get sacked then, which is why she can't tell Helen about this latest incident.

Still in the office...

Helen : Isn't this how it usually goes? You break the rules, thrown into segregation, come out more bitter and twisted than when you went in. And then it just happens all over again.
Nikki : Yeah, that's about right. So, hurry up and get on with it, how many days do I get this time?
Helen : You love playing the martyr, don't you Nikki? I'm not sending you to the block, I'm giving you a warning.
Nikki : A warning?
Helen : I'm sticking my neck out here Nikki, I don't know why, but I am.
Nikki : (Completely stunned) Can I go now?
Helen : Yes.

Cue soppy music in the background and Helen's gaze lingering over Nikki as she watches her leave the room. She might not know why she let Nikki off the hook like that, but we do, don't we?

Back on the wing, Shell and Denny discuss the song Shell is going to sing at Rachel's memorial service...

Denny : Do 'Stand By Your Man'.
Shell : How can she do that when she's dead stupid? 'The Wind Beneath My Wings', yeah, that's pretty good, nice and sad. Or 'Like A Virgin'. (Turns round and is stunned when she sees Nikki being allowed back on the wing)
Nikki : Surprised to see me Dockley?
Shell : (To Fenner) Sir! What is going on? She assaulted me, I could press charges! How come she's back on the wing?
Fenner : She just is, alright?

In the officers' room, Helen holds a meeting. Fenner, being the evil shit he is, brings up the subject of Nikki before Helen can even put her bum on her seat...

Fenner : Before you go on Helen, I'd like to raise the matter of Nikki Wade. She assaulted a fellow prisoner and now she's back on the wing, why?
Helen : Because I said so.
Fenner : Well excuse me, we're professionals, trying to do a professional days work, we can't do that if the good order of the prison is going to be disrupted by troublemakers like Wade.
Bodybag : I agree.
Helen : I made a deal with Nikki.
Fenner : Oh, so we're negotiating with them now are we?
Helen : Look Jim, you've said yourself, Nikki Wade is one of the most difficult prisoners you've had to deal with, I'm trying a different tack, treating her like a human being and trusting her.
Bodybag : Well, excuse me ma'am! It's all very well for you to say that you trust Wade but we're the ones at the cell door, we've got to take the abuse and the assaults, not you.
Dominic : I think we should give it a try, maybe it'll work, let's face it, nothing else has.
Helen : Look everyone. I know this is unusual but you have to remember, the whole wing has been tense since Rachel's death, Michelle's joke was tasteless and I've just discovered that Nikki's partner has just ended their 9 year relationship.
Fenner : I've heard it all now! Sod the rules because some lesbian's just dumped her girlfriend!

The officers leave the meeting, all chuntering mutinously, well, except for Dominic (bless him), who tells Helen that he agrees with her before handing her his resignation letter. Helen is upset and disappointed to be losing her only ally and tries to change his mind, Dominic stands firm, well, for the moment anyway.

In the 4-bed dorm, Crystal, bless her heart, is making a wreath out of paper flowers for Rachel, Helen walks in...

Crystal : I'm making Rachel a wreath miss.
Helen : Actually, it's Rachel I want to talk to you about.
Denny : What you asking us for? We don't know anything.
Helen : Well you must've seen or heard something! (Turns to an obviously jellied Zandra) Zandra, did Rachel ever say anything to you?
Zandra : Me? Nah.
Crystal : She don't even know her own name.
Zandra : Shut it!
Helen : LOOK! I WANT SOME ANSWERS! Rachel Hicks killed herself in this room, now, was there anything in her behaviour that made you think that she might commit suicide? Did she say anything?
Denny : We told you...
Crystal : There was one thing she told me, the reason why she smashed up her room, she wanted to be on her own, she expected you to send her to the punishment block.
Helen : Really?
Crystal : (Looks at Denny) She wanted to get away from her.
Denny : She's talking crap!
Crystal : She was frightened of her.
Denny : She wasn't!
Crystal : You kicked her! I saw you!
Helen : Is this true?
Denny : She stole my fags.
Helen : And you kicked her?
Denny : All I did was give her one little kick

Helen, with a feeling that she might be on the way to getting to the bottom of the situation, calls for Denny to be sent down to the block and thanks Crystal...

Crystal : She deserves everything she gets! She's a sinner, like most of you in here!

It's dinnertime down the block and Shell delivers Denny's dinner, I bet she gets better service than Nikki did...

Shell : Got a lovely big portion for you Den!
Denny : I hate it in here Shell!
Shell : It's that Crystal, I'm gonna cut her head off! Oooops, I shouldn't have said that!
Denny : But it ain't fair! Why am I the one that's getting all the blame?
Shell : Den?
Denny : Should be that bastard Fenner in here!

It's time for Rachel's memorial service. On the way in, Zandra makes sure that Lorna is in earshot before asking Fenner if an officer would be in trouble if they let a prisoner escape, an extremely puzzled Fenner tells her yes and then is pulled to one side by Shell who tells him that Denny is kicking up a fuss down on the block.

During the service, Lorna spots Zandra trading a phonecard for a pill with another prisoner but turns a blind eye, obviously crapping herself after hearing Zandra's conversation with Fenner. One wishes that the DST had swooped on her and caused chaos to prevent Shell from standing up to sing a cringemaking rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone', so she decided against 'Like a Virgin' then? Cue scenes of all of the inmates and officers cringing and shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Helen says a few words after the service and makes it clear to everyone that she won't stop until she finds out why Rachel committed suicide. Looks like Fenner and Shell will have to keep their wits about them.

Lorna goes for another quiet word with Zandra and tells her that she's going to have a word with the doctor for her, but, it looks like Zandra has got plans for Lorna that involve more than just a trip to the doctor.

Poor Denny, locked up in solitary and all sad and alone, well, not for very long. Denny receives a visit from Fenner who makes it clear to her that she'll be in serious trouble unless she tells Helen that Rachel topped herself because her baby was put into care...

Denny : Am I gonna get out of here?
Fenner : Just stick to the story and you'll be alright.

The following day, Helen interviews Denny about her part in Rachel's suicide...

Helen : Daniella, you're charged with a very serious offence here, you're not doing yourself any favours.
Denny : I only gave her a kick. That's not bullying, that's just a kick, a small kick.
Helen : A couple of weeks ago, Rachel was admitted into hospital with a stomach injury. Do you know how she got it?
Denny : No.
Helen ; She had internal bruising consistent with a blow of some sort. Another little kick maybe?
Denny : You're telling lies about me!
Fenner, who is standing in the background, clears his throat to get Denny's attention.
Helen : I'm asking you a question Denny.
Denny : It weren't me made Rachel top 'erself, it was her mum, giving her little girl away.
Fenner : I think we all know why Rachel committed suicide Denny, but you shouldn't have done what you did. So why don't you just apologise to the governor for kicking Rachel?

Helen realises almost immediately that Fenner is coaching Denny and decides to take control of the situation. Helen threatens Denny with a transfer and then sentences her to 7 days down the block.

Denny isn't a very happy bunny and it's obviously not going to be long before she blows the whistle on Fenner. In the meantime, Fenner decides to wind Helen up by comparing her treatment of Denny to her treatment of Nikki.

Denny is obviously suffering down on the block...

Denny : Miss? Can I get out now miss? I've learnt my lesson. I'm freezing!
Lorna : Do some exercises.
Denny : They've took me shoes and there's cockroaches all over the floor!
Lorna : Stand on 'em.
Denny : I wanna see the governor!
Lorna : She's gone home my love, won't be back until Monday.
Denny : I know what happened to Rachel!

Oooops, looks like Fenner's in the shit!

On Monday morning, Denny spills the beans to Helen about Rachel's affair with Fenner. Helen doesn't believe her, but we can see her brain ticking over as Denny is taken back down to the block.

Helen decides to check out Denny's story with that fount of all G-Wing wisdom, Nikki, who is pruning in the garden...

Helen : Hi, how are you feeling?
Nikki : So so
Helen : Nikki, can I speak to you in strict confidence about something?
Nikki : Sure.
Helen : It's about Mr Fenner, you once said that he had a fan club, can you elaborate on that?
Nikki : What do you mean?
Helen : Well what form this fan club took for instance.
Nikki : Are you asking me to be a grass?
Helen : Nikki, a young girl has hanged herself, now, I promised Rachel's family I would investigate her death, I did expect a bit more co-operation from her friends. (Starts to walk away)
Nikki : I can't prove anything and I'm not mentioning any other names but I did warn Rachel off Fenner, I thought he was taking advantage.

Helen suddenly realises that Denny was telling the truth and toddles off to confront Fenner...

Fenner : Well it's a piece of shit.
Helen : That's what I thought, at first.
Fenner : I don't believe this!
Helen : Denny said that Rachel told Shell and now another prisoner has told me that she thought you took advantage of Rachel.
Fenner : Oh let me guess, Nikki Wade by any chance? Another man hating lesbian.
Helen : Something's beginning to smell Jim.
Fenner : Look ma'am, if you think for one minute I took advantage of that poor girl, there's not a shred of truth in it. You repeat one word of it and I'll have you!
Helen : Don't threaten me Jim, makes you sound guilty.

Helen reports to Stubberfield only to find that Fenner had got in there first. Stubberfield knocks Helen's suspicions on the head and is obviously even less impressed with her now than he was before and suggests that she might want to think about whether she's in the right job.

Down in the 4-bed dorm, Zandra is happy after receiving a dose of jellies from the block and even finds some sympathy for Denny...

Zandra : Poor Denny, must be hellish for her being down there.
Crystal : You wanna feel sorry for someone, you feel sorry for Rachel's little baby, stuck in some home for orphans.
Zandra : Yeah well, there'll be a bed for her in here in 15 years time won't there?

The inmates are now safely locked up and in their cells for the night, it doesn't take long for the banter to begin to flow...

Denny : Love you Shell! Miss ya!
Shell : Love you Den!
Denny : Sing us a song someone!
Julie J : Do you want to hear the latest number...
Julie J & Julie S : From the Two Julies?
Everyone : No!
Shell : Gonna get that grassing cow! Oi Crystaaaal! You listening to me?
Crystal : You're gonna burn in Satan's fire Shell! Burn burn burn!

And the sun sets on another night at Larkhall.


Top Dog of the Week
Nikki gets top spot for flying across the servery like the Ultimate Warrior and giving Shell a good kicking.

Twatting Twat of the Week
So many...

Shell for winding Nikki up and being totally unrepentant about Rachel.

Fenner and Stubberfield for ganging up on Helen.

Helen for being so keen to score points off Fenner she comes off sounding petty and insensitive.

Weedy Pigeon of the Week
Lorna Rose for allowing Zandra to walk all over her.

Spin Doctor of the Week
Fenner for being so up to his neck in shit and still managing to come up smelling of roses.

Shell for extremely fast thinking and talking when Helen confronts her about the package Rachel's mum was supposed to collect for her.

Worst Girl of the Week
Her supreme highness of evilness...Shell Dockley for tossing out death threats like they were Smarties, for snitching on Denny to Fenner and for the ultimate insult to Rachel's memory by asking to sing at her memorial service.

Best Line of the Week
Again, completely spoilt for choice...

Helen: "Hanged! The word is hanged!"

Shell: "Don't think I can manage it this early."

Nikki: "Piss off Dockley!"

Zandra: "What would he do if he woke up to find a dead girl swinging from the window with her tongue licking her knees?"

Helen: "Why did you attack Michelle Dockley?"
Nikki: "I dunno, touch of PMT."

Nikki: "Don't you wish it was electric?"

Denny: "Do 'Stand By Your Man'."
Shell: "How can she do that when she's dead stupid?"

Worst Line of the Week
Shell: "Still, look on the bright side, at least there's an extra helping today!"

Fenner: "I've heard it all now! Sod the rules because some lesbian's just dumped her girlfriend."

Denny: "All I did was give her one little kick!"

Warring Faction of the Week
Gawd...again, so many to choose from...

The obvious one is Shell and Nikki, especially after Nikki gives Shell a kicking.

Helen and Nikki...Helen persisting in trying to win Nikki round, Nikki ain't impressed.

Helen and Fenner. Helen is desperate to get one over him, at any cost.

Stubberfield and Helen. He wants her out, she won't go unless she's pushed.

Sight of the Week
An angry Helen...Yeah, I'm not her biggest fan but she does angry very well!!!

Nikki leaping on Shell...Hoooo boy! With a long jump like that it's a shame she's not going to be at the Olympics this year.

Nikki's flat stomach which is revealed in her struggle with the officers after the fight...oooops! Misting over again!!!

Shell's face when she sees Nikki being let back on the wing...Is that fear Shell???

Larkhall Miracles and Mysteries
Just how does Fenner manage to get away with it again?

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