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Entrance courtyard looking towards its western boundary
[048]: A broad view of the entrance (Coffee-spill) courtyard looking back towards the white archway that we originally came through from Nikki's garden—we see a similar view of the courtyard in S3 Ep12 [19:26] and S2 Ep9 [12:26]. The main exit/entrance gate that we have just entered is on the right. The cattle truck is often featured arriving through the entrance and turning towards where we are now standing, as we see in S3 Ep7 [09:23]. The wall to the left of the entrance archway is painted all the way up; in Bad Girls only the lower half is painted.

To the left of the photograph is part of the other half of G-Wing. The building directly opposite is the so-called 'hospital-wing' building, the roof of which Zandra climbed up onto—and is the section that links what is now the hotel entrance to the G-wing block. We are standing approximately where the women at the back were standing looking up at Zan on the roof in S2 Ep1 [42:25]. The white archway that we and they walked through to reach the courtyard is the little archway which is slightly obscured to the right of the dark umbrella and the downpipe.

[049]: Zandra's jumping roof. Helen must have come out from where the satellite dishes are now, behind the tower on the right, and Zandra was directly above this drainpipe when she attempted to launch herself in S2 Ep1 [43:38]. You can again see the mid-air gate that used to lead out onto the steel stairway. Just visible at the lower right of the photo is the top of the white archway that the women walked through into the entrance courtyard to discover Zandra on the 'hospital wing' roof. According to the ground plans which we see in the S3 Extras in The Security Room—G1—OBS Office—The Art Department [00:13-00:21], in Oxford prison this linking section of the building appears to have housed the visiting area on the ground floor, which probably would have been accessed through the doorways on the inside of the white archway, and the Education Centre on the floor above. In an episode-opening panning sequence of the courtyard we see a similar view of the upper half of this building in S2 Ep10 [00:30].

[050]: The gateway with no stairs. You can see the steel stairway that led from this gate in S3 Ep11 [08:42]. They also feature when Tessa comes out of this gate in S2 Ep5 [41:30] and takes Karen down the stairway to the courtyard, on her way to the entrance gate. We get a clear view of them in S1 Ep8 [28:30] as Monica and Helen go to get into the car on their way to Spencer's funeral.

G-wing and 'hospital-wing' link

[051]: This is the entrance courtyard corner where the linking 'hospital wing' structure joins onto G-Wing. The glass entranceway at the juncture of the G-wing building on the left and the 'hospital wing' building on the right, is the entrance to the Malmaison restaurant. The entrance that was originally there would have led into the middle of G1, and there is quite a bit of coming and going from there in Bad Girls. Among others in S2 Ep12 [10:17] Fenner comes out of this entrance into the entrance courtyard and meets Dominic coming out of the white archway. From the top of the roof in S2 Ep1 [38:56] we can see where the two structures join—the other half of G-Wing extending to the right of the shot behind Zandra and the roof of the 'hospital wing'. At the extreme lower left of the shot you can just make out the top of the arch that is this corner entrance to the G-Wing.

Courtyard entrance to G-wing

[052]: The glassed entrance to the hotel restaurant. This photo is taken standing where the steel stairway would have been, and you can see the gate that would have led out onto it in the top right-hand corner of the photograph. In a shot taken through the railings of the steel stairway, we see Zandra coming out of this entrance in S2 Ep1 [04:08] on her way to hospital to have her baby. If you look closely, you can see a door/gateway slightly below the centre of the photo—this would have been the entrance to G1. In S2 Ep1 [38:58] you can make out the dark entranceway to the wing to the right of Zandra extending from roof level—directly below and in front of her, you can make out the landing of the steel stairway.

[053]: There is one major difference between this entrance to the restaurant as it is now, and the entrance to G-Wing in Bad Girls. In Bad Girls there is a short flight of steps from the courtyard up to the doorway to the G1 level of the wing; we see it clearly in the S1 Extras: Bad Girls in Oxford [13:25]. There are no longer stairs going up to the doorway: instead you enter the building at ground level, and go down some stairs to the restaurant which is in what would have been a semi-basement below G1 (which in Oxford prison housed the Reception area—see the ground-plan screenshot in [49] above). This gives rise to a rather curious feature above the stairway going down to the restaurant—the original entrance gate to G1 above your head apparently opening out into thin air!

Eastern boundary to courtyard where Pam was examined
[054]: Looking from Zandra's roof side of the courtyard towards the building on the opposite side. This building is to the left of the entrance archway as you walk into the prison, and it was this building that could be seen through the entrance archway in photo [46] above. From where we are standing now with our backs to the 'hospital-wing', the main entrance archway is to the left of this photo.

It is to this building that Helen leads Thomas from the entrance gate for his meeting with Pam Jolly. The white doorway where the man is standing in this photo is the door that Helen takes Thomas through. Helen goes back in through the door in S3 Ep6 [36:11] after Pam comes out. We see this building in S1 Ep9 [22:59] when Nikki attempts to tell Helen the 'good news' about Monica's appeal as Helen crosses the courtyard, clearly heading for this door. Nikki's Helen-watching G-Wing building is to the right of this photo next to the umbrellas. To the left of the 'Pam Exam' building we can see the roadway where Shell's red escape van was parked in S3 Ep7. In S3 Ep14 [31:24] in a view from the white archway, we see Mark crossing a wet courtyard with this building behind him. We see the top floor of this building in an aerial shot from the roof of the entrance archway in S3 Ep4 [00:27].

Entrance archway and Reception offices

[055]: This structure is to the right of the entrance courtyard archway when viewed from G-Wing, and is where the Reception office was in Bad Girls. It now houses a pizza restaurant, so the entrance has been altered from the doorways we'd recognise. The first door on the left is now a long window, and the door to the right has been widened, and the aperture opened up to the full height of the building to create a large window on the top floor. The ramp up to the doorway has also been removed.

In Bad Girls we constantly see prisoners arriving and departing from this Reception building. Helen leaves with Monica from the Reception doorway in S1 Ep8 [28:22] and we see them making their way through the interior of the office, probably having accessed it through the gate which we saw in the gatelodge interior in photo [34]. That gate is at the extreme left-hand edge of this photo, inside the arch. In S2 Ep2 we see Nikki coming from the ramp when she is shipped out, and then arriving back and having to be processed through Reception again [43:26]. In S2 Ep10 [18:23] Renee Williams arrives at night and enters Reception.

[056]: Scanning right from the entrance arch, the building extends up along the little roadway that we saw to the left of the 'Pam exam' building in photo [054] above. (You can see a tiny bit of the top left-hand corner of that building at the right of this photo [56].) In Oxford Prison the top floor would have housed the chapel (see the ground-plan screenshot in [49] above), and possibly was intended to do so in Bad Girls too, because it is from the next doorway to the right past what is now the restaurant doorway that we see Shell, Denny and Shaz make their escape in S3 Ep7, having come down the stairs from the chapel. We get a brief glimpse of the view looking in the same direction as this photo, in S2 Ep2 [30:45] when Nikki is shipped out.

Rear of Pam exam building, 'hospital-wing', exit arch and reception

[057]: Here we see the same area of the building from the opposite end, looking back to where we were standing for the previous photo. In S3 Ep7 [35:40], Fenner comes from the brown doorway and the ramp on the right to put the money for Shell's escape in the wheel-arch of the van. In that shot the escape door is the green one to Fenner's right, and the two Reception doors are to his left, with the two windows that can be seen in this photo, behind him to his immediate left. We see Shell, Denny and Shaz make their escape from the same doorway at [41:46]. In that shot the entrance arch is in the background, with the little white archway through to the garden to its left, and the 'Pam exam' building to the left of that. In this photograph, you can see the rear of the 'Pam exam' building to the left—it has undergone substantial changes in that area since Bad Girls, and the separate low square building is no longer there. Directly ahead in the centre of the photo is the main entrance archway which Shell would have driven out of in the red van, and to the left of it you can just make out a sliver of light which is the white archway through to the garden side.




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