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Main entrance arch

[041]: Going back towards the building in order to go back inside now, this is another shot of the main entrance arch and Helen's usual parking area. In S3 Ep10 [01:13] we see a similar view to this photo, and in S2 Ep9 [27:11] a view which, like this photo, includes part of the tower of the structure that links the front range with the "hospital wing" building behind it. Another view is of this section of the façade at night in S3 Ep8 [07:27]. This particular section of the façade features on more than one occasion in Bad Girls in sequences where the camera pans up the wall of the building past the windows on the top floor, and over the roof to reveal the entrance courtyard and G-Wing behind the façade. It is in the offices of these top floor windows that we see Fenner at the end of the first series, after Helen has come out of the prison following the Soot Burning Debacle and got into her car, giving us a night-time perspective of the pan up over the building.

[042]: You'll probably recognise this rather intriguing little window as it is right next to where Helen parks her car, and we often get a glimpse of it in passing. In S3 Ep10 [00:55] we see the newly acting Number One striding past it, having just parked her car slightly further afield in Stubberfield's old parking spot. In S3 Ep12 [44:09] however we see Helen's car parked next to it again back in her usual spot—perhaps she didn't like the extra walk, or she'd realised being Governing Governor wasn't all it was cracked up to be! In S3 Ep3 [00:32] we see it flanked by Karen's car on one side and Helen's on the other. As to why this window is shaped like it is and why it was bricked in—well that's a bit of a mystery I'm afraid. I thought it looked somewhat church-like and wondered if it could have been the chapel, but the chapel appears to have been housed in part of the building on the other side of the entrance archway. But who knows, maybe at some stage in the prison's long and varied history it may have been a chapel window. It does seems odd that there is no other window anywhere in the complex that looks anything like it, as if the room that it was a window to had some sort of specialised function.

[043]: The entrance archway from the outside looking through into the entrance courtyard. The gate-lodge doorways are bricked up and there is a bank automatic teller machine in the space where one of them used to be. (Now that would have been an eminently sensible thing to have in a prison!) In S3 Ep9 [21:23] we see the entrance with the wooden door closed, but in S2 Ep3 [00:17] the door is open to allow the Royal Mail van to deliver Nikki's George Eliot postcard from Helen. In S1 Ep8 [00:15] we see Helen negotiating the small doorway in the main door while juggling with her coffee-cup. Her juggling  act continues as she is signed in by the officer in the first of the gate-lodge doorways at [00:26], before she heads off to lose her battle with the coffee cup in the entrance courtyard, after she spies Nikki watching her from her G3 cell window.

Main entrance gate-lodge

[044]: In S3 Ep8 [45:45] we see Fenner heading through the small doorway into the prison and inside the entrance archway: the bank ATM in the centre of this photo is where we see him encounter Stubberfield, who is on his way out at [45:54], having just been fired. In S1 Ep10 [46:17] Helen looks into the doorway where the ATM is now, on her way out after that unfortunate incident with the burning suit.

[045]: This is all that remains of the other doorway to the gate-lodge, where among other things we see Helen collect Thomas from in S3 Ep6 [32:04], and where Nikki as "Nurse Ford" gets signed out by Ken on the night of her escape in S2 Ep13 [24:16].

[046]: Heading back through the entrance archway on our way to Coffee-Spill Courtyard. We see the courtyard through the gate in S2 Ep12 [26:55] and at night in S3 Ep3 [45:06], and from a slightly different angle, to include the structure seen here on the left in S3 Ep16 [09:10], when Helen leaves the prison for the last time. Strangely, we see a similar view but from the white archway in S3 Ep7 [38:43].

Entrance courtyard end of G-wing
[047]: Coming out of the entrance gate and looking across to the end of G-wing and where Nikki's window would have been—the view Helen would have had as she came in and looked up at it. It is from one of these upper windows then, that Nikki would have gazed out upon the object of her affection, as Helen proceeded to spill her coffee. It was also from one of these windows that Zan watched Dom arrive and gave him a little wave as he entered the courtyard in S2 Ep9 [12:27]. We get an aerial view of the top two floors of this section of the building in S3 Ep12 [14:13] and a more conventional view in S1 Ep6 [09:13]. This end of G-wing is of course at the opposite end of the block from the long arched window end that abuts the Debtors' Tower/D-wing building and is divided from that by the central link section, which extends back from the front range until it joins up with the wing block. In S1 Ep8 [46.09] there is a nighttime panning sequence that begins with a shot from the same angle as in our next photo, Item [048], and ends with an angle very similar to that of the final screencap for this photo.




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