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Hotel façade

[035]: We have now walked out of the entrance archway, the main entrance to the prison, to the area in front of the building, so the view is of the hotel façade from the street—this gives the entrance some sort of context in terms of the overall structure of the building. The Larkhall entrance archway is on the left-hand side. Also, you can just make out the roof of the two halves of G-wing behind the façade. (Sorry, the sun was in an awkward position for this shot!) In Bad Girls of course we don't ever get to see this full façade top to bottom, although we do get to see the lower half of the building for the whole width of this shot and slightly beyond—only it wouldn't be recognisable from this photo. The hotel entrance has been altered to create the doorway that is rather different from what was there in Bad Girls' time.

End of façade and Governor's House

[036]: This is the limit of what we see of the prison façade in Bad Girls, or slightly more in fact. The most we ever see of the Governor's House building is in S2 Ep2 [34:57], where we see part of the side of the building to the extreme right of this photo. In Bad Girls there was also a flight of steps leading up to a door, which would have been on the left side of this photograph and is now the long plain window to the above left of the silver vehicle [click on third, skinny thumbnail for close-up]. We can see these stairs, the red door, and part of the 'Governor's House' behind the guard in the background when Karen drives up to the guard booth and boom in S2 Ep1 [38:21].

Hotel entrance/original main entrance to the prison

[037]: Moving left from the previous photo now—this is the main entrance to the hotel and was originally the main entrance to the prison. This part of the prison façade has changed substantially from when Bad Girls was filmed there, when there was no access through here at all. But you should recognise the buttresses on either side of the entrance; we see this part of the building in S3 Ep15 [00:38], but we perhaps get a better view of this area in the Extras on the S1 DVDs—Bad Girls in Oxford [01:32], in which they are filming the sequence featured in the first screenshot here and the first one below. You can see the area between the buttresses flanking the hotel entrance, and also the bottom half of one of the crosses that are carved into the stone above the entrance in this photo. We get a better view of the carved crosses in a night shot in S3 Ep12 [28:49]. This was originally the main entrance to the prison, and it was from a platform above the entrance that public hangings were carried out until 1863—which is something to contemplate while sitting outside one of the nearby restaurants, where one would have been afforded a full view of proceedings! After the executions bodies would be whipped off to the University for dissection and experimentation by anatomists—enough to make you look twice at your liver paté!

Prison entrance and façade to hotel entrance

[038]: Scanning left now from the hotel entrance to what would have been the main entrance to Larkhall. We see quite a lot of coming and going from this parking area in front of the prison. It is to the right of this entrance archway that Helen would usually have parked her car as we see in S3 Ep15 [01:06]. We also get a good idea of how the hotel entrance façade has changed when we see Karen arrive in S2 Ep1 [38:33]: she parks next to Simon who is parked where Helen parked in the first screenshot, and Helen is parked to his right between the two buttresses that now flank the hotel entrance. In S3 Ep11 [26:59] in a view that encompasses the whole façade that we have just looked at, we see a shot of the prison at night, extending from where we are now at the entrance archway back to the side windows of the Governor's House building.

New building and prison entrance
[039]: Other than the familiar entrance archway, this is an area that has changed so substantially from the time of Bad Girls, as to be virtually unrecognisable. This new-build donut café and its large adjacent delivery door are where the little guard-booth and the boom that we see quite frequently in Bad Girls would have been. This new building means that there is no longer any parking area or access to the main entrance gate from the road that would have led up to the little guard-booth, the direction Helen drove in from with her dodgy mascara in the very first episode; it is all hidden behind a large wooden gateway, which you can see to the left of the main entrance archway in the photograph. In S3 Ep10 [00:33] we see the newly-promoted Helen driving towards her parking space, having come past the guard-booth and boom, which we get a good view of in S3 Ep7 [43:28] and S2 Ep3 [00:09]. You can get an idea of the area that was behind this wooden gateway in S3 Ep3 [12:09] when we see Monica driving out past the boom. This also means that the parking area where Lauren met Josh and Jessie Devlin has made way for the donut shop and the gateway. For a view of what the prison façade looked like beyond the entrance archway see S3 Ep 12 [44:01].

Bad Girls' Officers' Mess in County Hall building

[040]: From a position facing the façade, we turn to our left to see the Officers' Mess in what was actually the County Hall Building. The structure to the left is what was originally the County Court Building, and there used to be an underground tunnel leading directly from the dock into the prison. The white door in the centre is the doorway to what, in Bad Girls, was the Officers' Mess. You see Fenner stagger down these stairs in S2 Ep11 [31:03]; there is an Officers' Mess sign on the wall, on the left-hand side of the building. We also see these stairs and doorway in S2 Ep11 [18:15]. It is because of this close proximity of the Officers' Mess to the entrance archway, that in S2 Ep13 Ken shouts out the main entrance gate for Mike to get him a drink from Bodybag's party, while "Nurse Ford" is waiting to be signed out from the guard room.




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