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[027]: Continuing our way around the garden side of the building to the rear-side of the so-called "hospital wing" building. It was probably this building that the scenes of Sean burning his suit in the garden were filmed from. To the left of the drainpipe is the archway and passage (the interior of which is painted white) which leads from this garden side of the building through to the main entrance courtyard on the other side—you can see light shining through from the entrance courtyard on the other side. In S3 Ep6 [25:35] you'll notice that the structure to the left of the white archway looks rather different to the modernised building to the left of this photo. The tower from behind which Helen climbed out onto the roof to speak to Zandra in S2 Ep1, is on the other side of the roof, directly behind the tower at the top left-hand side of this photo.
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[028]: This is of the white archway showing its gate, from the garden side. This is the gate where Helen tells Nikki about Fenner's assault, and we see Helen locking it behind her in S3 Ep7 [04:36]. Helen has also come from the white archway in S1 Ep6 [01:45] and we see yet another angle of the grey block building as she walks past it. The white archway is behind Helen at [02:21] in a scene we expect no one would have difficulty recalling. It is through this archway that the women would have walked to get to the main entrance courtyard where they discovered Zandra on the roof, and we are going to make our way through it now on our way to the main courtyard.

[029]: Heading through the white archway from the garden side—you can see through to the entrance courtyard on the other side, where yet another stripey invader can be spotted lurking in the distance! We get a view similar to this one in S2 Ep12 [05:47] where we can see the corner of the same building through the archway behind Dominic—minus the stripey invader of course. There appear to have been various doors leading into the tunnel, one of them providing another exit from the main G-wing, via the so-called 'hospital wing' building. We can see the door just behind Dominic's head in this first screenshot. We see Lorna coming out of this door after she is relieved of her duties. There also appears to have been a doorway into the tunnel on the opposite side, and as Yvonne heads through the tunnel in S2 Ep10 [35:50] she is confronted by Renee Williams who steps out from the recess there. In S2 Ep2 [11:32] we see Yvonne and Denny hanging about chatting just inside this entrance, before exiting the archway from this garden doorway. In S3 Ep4 [15:35] Di chats to Josh in this tunnel and we see the building in the courtyard behind them.

[030]: We have now come through the 'tunnel' and this is the white archway from the entrance courtyard side looking back through it to where the garden is. We get to see this entrance courtyard view of the white archway far more frequently than we do the garden entrance view. In S2 Ep1 [39:13] the women come out of this doorway into the entrance courtyard, where they discover Zan on the roof. In this screenshot you'll notice that there is another gate to the right of the white archway—as you can see to the right of this photo that area has now been enclosed, and that gate is no longer visible. Curiously, the archway on this side does not appear to have been gated in Bad Girls—there was only a gate on the garden side. We see the archway among other occasions in S3 Ep5 [16:14] and in S2 Ep10 [36:11].

If you look closely you can see the little patch of grass that was in photos [024] and [025] above, slightly behind and to the left of where the woman is standing on the garden side of the archway. The people sitting behind the woman are at the foot of what is the 20 metre Castle Mound or Motte, which would have been outside the prison boundary wall. As you can see from S3 Ep11 [08:07], there is a bit of a dog-leg in the boundary wall, and it goes off at an oblique angle to the archway. This means that Nikki's shed, which was right at the far end of the garden, would have been out of view through the white archway from the entrance courtyard.

[031]: In S2 Ep5 [41:42] we get a good idea of the interior of this archway in Bad Girls—a major difference now is that the middle section of the tunnel has glass doors (leading from both the garden side and the entrance courtyard side) into a passageway that runs from the main hotel entrance through to the hotel reception. As you can see in the screenshot, there was no access door in that middle section, so the wall has been broken through there. In the screenshot you'll also notice the absence of a gate on this side of the archway, and from this angle you can see the boundary wall of the prison on the garden side of the archway. There is quite a lot of coming and going through this tunnel in Bad Girls—we see Yvonne making her way through it again in S3 Ep3 [01:20], where from that angle you can also see the small grey block building through the garden gate which the officer is closing behind her. Helen and Thomas walk through the tunnel from the garden in S3 Ep11 [08:25] and the guard has closed the gate behind them; again you can see the grey block building which they have just walked past. In S3 Ep11 [00:35] you can see both the white archway and the other gateway to its right.

[032]: In this photo you can see the glass-enclosed area to the right of the white archway, where the other gateway used to be. This area was open in Bad Girls and you could clearly see the gate. You can see the original gate to the right of the white archway in S3 Ep11 [00:34], as Helen comes down the metal stairway to cross the courtyard to tell Sylvia that she is Acting Principal Officer. In S2 Ep12 [10:28] you can see the original gateway to Dominic's right, as well as the white archway behind Fenner. In S2 Ep12 [40:57] and [41:05] we see some rather curious nightshots of the entrance courtyard taken from this other gateway.

[033]: This is the exit/entrance archway from the courtyard side. In Bad Girls we usually see it with both the gate and the external door closed. The gate is normally only open if the cattle truck or some other vehicle is entering the yard. But we see the gate closed in S2 Ep2 [01:29] as Helen enters the prison, and also in S3 Ep11 [01:17]. Note the other doorway on the right-hand inside of the entrance archway, as we shall be looking at it more closely in the next shot.

[034]: This gate which opens onto the archway interior is a little obscure, and my only guess would be that it led into the Reception area, where the prisoners arriving into the courtyard in the cattle truck would be herded. We shall be looking at at that area later when we head back inside the courtyard, so keep this gate in mind. It is on the opposite side of the gate-lodge to the guard room. We catch a glimpse of it in S3 Ep1 [18:54] when Helen and Nikki sneak past it on their way back into the prison. We do occasionally see people coming and going out of this gate, for example in S2 Ep11 [02:41] an officer opens the gate and Dominic comes out of it and meets Helen coming in through the entrance archway. There seems to have been a way through from the prison to the guard room, as you often see people coming out of the gate lodge from the prison, without walking through the courtyard (there are gates/doors leading into the white archway from the prison side of the archway, and also from the entrance arch side. I assume that the entrance-arch-side one goes through to the gate-lodge). So people could have come from the wing, through the access door in the white archway, through the gate-lodge and across the entrance arch and through this little gate and into the Reception area and vice versa on their way in. In S1 Ep9 [38:41] we see this gate inside the archway on one of the rare occasions that the main gate is open so that a cattle truck can enter the yard. We catch a glimpse of this gate behind Di as she comes through the main entrance gate in S3 Ep9 [32:26]. In Bad Girls, the gate is painted a dirty cream colour.




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