Oxford Tour
—Kerry B. with E. Kline

Haven't you always secretly wished you could take a trip inside HMP Larkhall? Well, here's your chance! We explored every nook and cranny and documented it all!

This is a long tour focusing on the former Oxford Prison site where the first three series of Bad Girls was filmed. It's a walk-through, starting and finishing in the same place. The photos often overlap to make orienting our movement clearer. The tour is spread across a number of pages, both so they'll load faster, but also to suggest natural resting places so you can pace yourself—it takes a while to go through. We recommend you allow yourself several visits so you can have time to better enjoy the details—like a real tour (for better or worse!), it's a lot to take in all at once. We hope you'll find it as interesting as we did.

This tour does include spoilers: consider bookmarking it & coming back after you've seen Series 1-3 at least once, if you haven't yet!


Table of Contents

I. Oxford Prison: exterior

This is the start of the tour proper. We've broken it into a number of pages to suggest natural resting stops. Remember to bring plenty of water & comfy shoes.

  1. Exercise Yard
  2. D-wing & Garden area
  3. Garden to Courtyard Pathway
  4. Prison Exterior and Surroundings
  5. Entrance and Entry Courtyard
  6. Entry Courtyard
  7. G-Wing Back Corner
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II. Oxford Prison Museum

A coda to the main tour, showing interior features. As with the exterior tour, it's chiefly about Bad Girls (what else), although the Map section also includes brief general historical background about the Oxford site in its various incarnations (as well as providing further orientation for those who like lots of details).

  8. Doors & Gates; Cells
  9. Maps & Posters
 10. Motte; Restaurant, etc.
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Important! The Tour defaults to a "fancy" version, where you can move the photos and screenshots around on your screen, etc... but if that doesn't work on your browser, come back to this page & go instead to the "low-tech" version. The low-tech version has the same content.

Tour notes: fine print for the verbally-inclined

Site Maps:  We have placed thumbnails of a simple map of the Oxford site throughout the tour. These give you an idea of what part of a building or buildings the photo shows, and where you're situated in relation to the other buildings. If you see a magnifying glass, plus-sign, or similar icon when you move your mouse over the image, please click on it to see the map at its correct size.

Screencaps:  As well, there are extensive screencaps so that you can better visualize the part of the building we are looking at by setting it in context with frames from Bad Girls. The screenshots are meant to enhance the tour by showing additional features of and changes to the Oxford site: they are not intended to duplicate the same aspects of every photo (there wouldn't be much point, either!) To view them full-size, just click on the image you want to see. As with the maps, some images expand further: again, if there is an icon on the photo, click it to see the photo at its correct size.

NB: Not every scene or shot referenced (times are cited in brackets, thus: [00.00]) is shown in thumbnail format. The additional scene/time citations (which are instead shown in parentheses) are for those few obsessive souls like ourselves, who may want to see every little thing—so that it's easier to search through your own DVDs. We tried to make sure times given are as accurate at possible, but some variations are inevitable. Of course if you find any glaring errors, please let us know. We've done everything we could to ensure the pages load fairly quickly, but a little patience may still be needed if you have dial-up.

Finally: we found ourselves with the (very) perverse task of choosing screenshots that showed off the site's architecture—rather than the actors—to best advantage. So if you're wondering why we had to take that shot of an extra standing off to the side rather than a nice shot of Nikki... well, there you have it.

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