The Nikki Wade Reading List

Have you already read everything on this site?  And every piece of Helen-Nikki fanfic you can get your hands on?  Well, then, you're ready for the biggest challenge of them all.  It's the Nikki Wade Reading List!  Just because Nikki had nothing to do all day and you're working full time doesn't mean you can't match her voracious literary consumption.  To make it easy we've provided a list of every book Nikki read.  Some are more meaningful and symbolic than others (starting with Romeo and Juliet and Middlemarch, of course), but for a true fan completion is the goal, nothing less.  So grab a cuppa, set up your comfy reading chair and find a cozy blanket—this is going to be a long ride.

PS We're not brainlessly endorsing Amazon: please support your local independent bookstore if there are any left in your town.

  Silas Marner -
George Eliot
(S1 ep3)


Sophie's World -
Jostein Gaardner
(S1 ep6)


Romeo and Juliet -
William Shakespeare (S1 ep6) 


  Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson (S1 ep6)


Great Love Poems -
ed. Shane Weller
(S1 ep7)


Little Dorrit -
Charles Dickens
(S1 ep9)


The Ambassadors - Henry James
(S2 ep2)


  The Golden Bowl - Henry James (S2 ep2)


The Portrait of a Lady - Henry James (S2 ep6)


To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf (S2 ep12)


The Well of Loneliness - Radclyffe Hall (S2 ep 13)

  The Aspern Papers & The Turn of the Screw - Henry James


minor titles (background shots, not a complete list)

Performing Flea - P.G. Wodehouse (S3 ep6)

Police & People In London. IV. The Police In Action - David J. Smith & Jeremy Gray, Policy Studies Institute, 1983. (S3 ep6)

Unknown William Blake (S3 ep12)



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