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Bad Girls Related Websites

Official Bad Girls Site This site is great, but in particular check out the Library section for great material about prison policies and procedures.

Bad Girls the Musical West End production closed 11/17/07
Bad Girls Transcripts A site which hosts transcripts of Bad Girls episodes
In Praise of Bad Girls A fascinating blog with episode recaps and personal essays related to the show
Larkhall Projector Room Downloadable clips of pretty much every Helen and Nikki scene
MandanaJones.Net Nikki fans, don't miss this site!
Sarah Mears Bad Girls Site Background on the show, and the most exhaustive list of links to related sites
Shed Insider A Wiki-type project offering everything about the production company behind Bad Girls
Shed Productions The official website for the production company behind Bad Girls
SimoneLahbib.Net The best site we've found for everything Simone

Bad Girls Related Message Boards

Nikki and Helen We love this board.  It's super-friendly, and the best place we've found for sustained, substantive discussions of the show (especially in the Debates section)
Bad Girls Enhanced (registration required to read this board)
Bad Girls Forum on Television Without Pity
Bad Girls Riot
Mandana Jones
Simone Lahbib

General Lesbian Media Websites

AfterEllen Fantastic site for interviews and an analytic, critical look at lesbians in entertainment. Plus, they've got a ton of Bad Girls stuff
Kissing Fingertips Reviews of lesbian films and television shows
Orange's Review A Chinese language blog about lesbians in the media, with a large section on Bad Girls

Women in Prison Organizations

Women and Prison: A Site for Resistance A project documenting the experience of women in prison
Women In Prison UK-based organization, founded by Chris Tchaikovsky (advisor on the first two seasons of Bad Girls, and the basis for the character of Nikki Wade)
Women's Prison Association New York-based organization, the oldest service and advocacy group in the US serving women with criminal justice histories
Ministry of Justice The official site of the Ministry of Justice (prison operations recently switched from the operations of the Home Office to the Ministry of Justice), with a virtual prison walk through and other interesting tidbits.
Prison Reform Trust Not a women-specific organization, but London-based, works to reform UK prisons
Just Detention International Also not women-specific, but works to stop sexual abuse in prisons and change government policy and enforcement of policy, as well as provides victim support






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