Helen and Nikki Relationship Chart (All Scenes & Mentions)
by Rivergal

Additional Research by E. Kline and Kerry B.

Like the main chart, the supplemental (OCD) version of the chart includes all scenes featuring either or both characters—but it also includes every scene where any other character refers to Helen and/or Nikki. These scenes are identified with the character's initials in parentheses in the "Who" column. The supplemental chart also includes scenes where one of the two (usually Nikki) is in a background shot but doesn't necessarily have a speaking role.

Parentheses (rather than brackets) are used for time-citations where Helen or Nikki appear only fleetingly, have no dialogue, or where the incidental dialogue which mentions them is minor. Dialogue concerned with the developing details of various subplots remains in brackets.

Prison Conflict Conflict with Prison Authority
Relationship Conflict Relationship Conflict
Musical Theme Musical Theme
Fenner Conflict Conflict with Fenner
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki Relationship Development
Caretaker Helen or Nikki Caretaking
Scene Reference Helen or Nikki References the Other
Turning Point Turning Point
Declaration Declaration or Disclosure
Love Scene Love Scene






Them & Us
  Fashion show; Shell pushes Rachel to get drugs; Rachel & Fenner      
  Nikki Minor appearance at fashion show, watching, Rachel standing beside her   G-Wing [01:27]
Prison Conflict Nikki Bodybag prevents from seeing Carol/C calls out for N in background/"you'd gas us in our cells"/testy exchange with Shell   Stairway [03:31]
  (N) Carol still calling out "Nikki!" from her cell   Carol's Cell (04:09)
  Helen Drives to work/enters prison gates   Traffic light, Prison Gate [05:47/07:10]
  Helen Discusses fashion show & Rachel with Fenner   Helen's Office [07:47]
  Nikki Eating a slice of toast, watches Dominic fetch the Julies/asks Lorna Rose what's happening on the Threes   G1 Gate [09:42/10:28]
  Nikki Presses Julies for what's wrong on G3   Stairway, G3 [10:54]
Prison Conflict Helen Meets with Fenner & Bodybag re miscarriage   Helen's Office [11:07]
  (H) Fenner & Bodybag grouse about H/F: "typical graduate type, trying to prove herself"   G-Wing Gate [13:24]
  (H) Fenner tells Lorna Rose "she wants the whole unit assembled for a wing-meeting" & to help Bodybag unlock   Officers' Room (13:52-14:00)
  Helen Crap drawer call from Sean   Helen's Office [15:09]
  Nikki Julies describe what happened with Carol   Stairway [16:05/16:41]
  (H) Fenner summons Shell & Dawn to wing meeting: "Miss Stewart wants to speak to you all"   Kitchen (16:25-16:32)
Prison ConflictRelationship ConflictMusical Theme Helen & Nikki First meet/confrontation over miscarriage/"You are on Rule 43"   G-Wing [17:18]
Fenner ConflictMusical Theme Helen Fenner tries to change H's mind/stick by decision to cancel fashion show   G-Wing Gate [20:13]
  (N) Julies ask after N: "Oi, what you done to Nikki Wade?"   G2 Landing [21:29-21:32]
Prison ConflictMusical Theme Nikki Sent down the block & Bodybag has her put in strips   The Block [21:53]
Prison ConflictMusical Theme Helen Helen gets calls that Stubberfield wants to see her/S tells her to put aside pride & reinstate fashion show   Helen's Office, #1's Office [22:01/23:39]
  Helen Walks down corridor after seeing Stubberfield & before telling Bodybag  to wash Smelly Nelly Snape   Corridor [24:39]
Prison ConflictFenner Conflict Helen Dominic defends H to Fenner & Bodybag; H overhears conv. re her inexperience/parasite check/confronts F about his problem with her/F: admit mistake/"bastard"   Officers' Room [25:05]
  (N) Julie S. to Julie J.: "we're gonna make a bag up for Nikki, swing it to Dawn"   Julies' Cell (29:11-29:13)
  Nikki Taunts from Shell & treats from Julies via Dawn   The Block [32:30]
  Helen To Sean: "let's get pissed"/foot rub; in bed/"Anything I do they don't like"   Helen's Flat [34:39/36:22/ 38:30]
  Helen H drops Sean off at work, they discuss situation at the prison: "You think I mishandled it all in the first place"   Outside Sean's office [39:10]
Relationship DevelopmentPrison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H shocked N in strips/"trust me"; needs N's help/"old boys' network"   The Block [41:55/44:14]
Caretaker Helen & Nikki N escorts Carol back & announces show back on   Servery [45:00]
  Helen Smile from Stubberfield   Fashion Show [47:13]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N dismisses H's thanks for help   G-Wing [47:42]
  Nikki "Love you Nikki!"/"Night Nikki, dream of me will ya"/"Love you Carol"   Night Calls (48:44-48:48)/ 48:51-48:55)
Drug Wars
  Monica & Zandra arrive; Zandra decrutched      
  Nikki Dawn asks N if she's going to the karaoke: "No, who wants to see Dockley singing her tits off?"   Servery [02:14]
Caretaker Nikki Intervenes to stop Shell intimidating Rachel; warns Rachel about Shell   Servery [02:29]
Prison Conflict Helen Meet with Fenner & Bodybag re drug testing   Helen's Office [03:15]
  (H) Shell sees Dominic putting up the anti-drugs posters/D: "Miss Stewart's on the warpath"   G1 [11:05-11:16]
Prison Conflict Helen & Nikki H lectures N about drugs after shower /"I'm not telling you anything"   Corridor [11:34]
  (N) Shell tells Rachel to notify the DST that she is being bullied to bring drugs in: "I'll tell you who to name"   Rachel's Cell (15:19-15:30)
  Nikki Trish doesn't answer phone   G-Wing [18:32]
  Nikki Walks in after Denny hits Zandra & Monica slaps Denny   4-Bed Dorm [25:41]
Caretaker Nikki Explains prison basics & tries to cheer Monica, introduces her to the Julies   G-Wing [26:10]
  Helen First meeting with Monica   Helen's Office [27:34]
Prison Conflict Nikki DST strip search   Nikki's Cell [29:59/30:16]
CaretakerScene Reference Helen Helen ends interview with Monica, gets officer to take M to Probation to sort Spencer's care arrangements /Fenner tells H that N's had a visit from DST   Corridor [30:48/31:12]
  Nikki DST continue N's strip search: "It must drive you wild not being able to touch me"/Dominic pauses to look at naked Nikki as he walks past her cell   Nikki's Cell [31:28]
Prison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H visits N in the aftermath of the DST search/"piss off"/"let yourself down"   Nikki's Cell [32:53]
  (N) Rachel tells Fenner she needs to speak to him about bullying, because Shell made her "do something I feel really bad about" [ie lie about Nikki to DST]   Officers' Room (35:00-35:08)
  (H/N) Fenner tells Rachel that Dockley has done her a favor: "Miss Stewart [is] glad Nikki Wade has been given a going over"   Officers' Room (35:30-35:49)
Caretaker Nikki Monica tells Nikki Zandra's been beaten & asks her to help/N checks on Zandra & tells M that Zandra has been "decrutched"   Nikki's Cell/4-Bed Dorm [37:07/37:43]
  Nikki Nikki enters Visitors' Room for Trish's visit/T arrives/T tells N she's given up smoking   Visiting Room [40:52/41:19 /42:13]
  Helen & Nikki Helen enters Visiting Room/N points out H to Trish/T: "You never said she was a babe"   Visiting Room [42:50/43:13]
  Helen & Nikki Helen watches as DST pounce on attempted drugs pass & Spencer freaks out/brief reaction shot from N   Visiting Room [45:07/ (45:21-45:23)]
Prison Conflict Helen Discusses DST fiasco with officers   Officers' Room [46:17]
  (H) Fenner to Bodybag, after H's left room: "I think our university graduate's out of her depth, don't you?"   Officers' Room [47:11-47:14]
  Helen H leaves the wing, clearly distressed   G-Wing Gate [47:14]
  Nikki Shell: "Oi Wade, d'you have a good time with the squat squad?"/N: "Yeah fantastic. Well I did with the good-looking one."   Night Calls [47:45]
Love Rival
  Zandra gets her drugs; Crystal arrives; Shell attacks Rachel      
  Helen Day off at home with Sean/Sean: "keep you prisoner"   Helen's Flat [02:17]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Comments to Fenner re Rachel/Fenner threatens N/N: "You really know how to talk to a woman"   Library [03:35]
  (H) Julie J. to Zandra: "Why don't you ask Stewart about getting married in 'ere?"   G1 (05:18-05:35)
Caretaker Nikki Reassures Monica, "get your appeal sorted"/Shell: "mink instead of beaver" /N (to Fenner): "that one'll bite it off"   G1 [06:48]
  Helen Frazzled leaving house for work/"stay tuned" [for when she becomes "the big chief"]   Helen's Flat [08:59]
  Helen Zandra asks H's permission to marry in prison   G1 Corridor [09:53]
Caretaker Nikki Tries again to warn Rachel about Fenner   Garden [11:39]
  (H) Dominic tells Monica she's being moved up to the Threes: "Miss Stewarts' instructions"   4-Bed Dorm (14:20-14:27)
Relationship DevelopmentRelationship ConflictFenner Conflict Helen & Nikki Servery bump/N gives H cold shoulder /watches H tell off Fenner   Servery [15:29]
  Helen Zandra follows up with H re marriage request; H conditionally okays   Helen's Office [17:59/19:43]
  (N) Rachel asks Fenner if he's seeing other women/F: "whatever put that idea into your head?"/"Nikki Wade"/F: [Nikki's] "got the hots for you"   Rachel's Cell (19:14-19:36)
  (H) Zandra phones Robin: "[H] thinking about okaying the wedding"   G1 (20:34-20:38)
Caretaker Helen Facilitates rehab meeting   Gym [20:48]
  (H) Bodybag complains to Fenner that H is wasting her time re getting Zandra off drugs/Bodybag: "should have been a missionary"   G1 Gate (22:17-23:02)
Fenner Conflict Helen Observes Fenner flirting with Shell   G1 [23:33]
Scene Reference Helen & Nikki Monica credits N for progress on appeal/N reaction shot   Exercise Yard [24:30]
Fenner Conflict Helen Confronts Fenner about relationship with inmates   Helen's Office [26:48]
  (H) Bodybag complains to another guard about Monica & badmouths H: "some people reckon [Monica] ought to get special treatment"   G1 (28:34-28:42)
Relationship Conflict Nikki Still can't reach Trish by phone   G-Wing [29:35]
Prison Conflict Helen & Nikki H visits N reading Silas Marner in cell/N "not in [Fenner's] fan club"/not H's nark   Nikki's Cell [31:08]
  Nikki Checks in on Zandra's dress fitting & discusses marriage   Sewing Room [32:31]
Scene Reference Helen gardening "the way in"/Sean: N "becoming an obsession"/lesbian   Helen's Flat [33:37]
  Helen Crystal complains about drugs   Helen's Office [35:28]
  Helen H tells officers to monitor how Crystal's doing, mentions C's concerns re drugs   Officers' Room [36:36]
  Helen Learns from Monica that Robin is engaged   G3 Landing [38:40]
  Helen Walks in on Zandra's dress-fitting & tells Zandra to come to her office   Sewing Room [39:13]
  Nikki Encourages Monica about her appeal; Shell needles N about Monica; N goads Shell re Fenner & Rachel: "R, for Rachel"   Stairway [39:40]
  Helen Tells Zandra that Robin's engaged   Helen's Office [40:12]
  Helen Mediates meeting between Zandra & Robin/drags Z off Robin   Helen's Office [45:14]
The Victim
  Zandra at clinic, escapes to confront Robin; Shell demands more drugs from Rachel & torments her; Rachel's suicide      
  Helen Gives Dominic a lift   Helen's Car [00:14]
  Helen Zandra wants an abortion   Helen's Office [00:52]
  Helen & Nikki H visible in background/N in queue with Rachel/anticipates Trish's visit to Monica   Servery [15:02/15:20]
  Helen Watches Rachel/counsels her to let people e.g., Shell, help her   Servery [15:17/16:08]
  (H) Dominic to Zandra as they leave the hospital after Zandra's escape: "Miss Stewart's gonna love you when she hears about this"   Hospital Exterior (17:49-17:52)
Turning Point Nikki Nikki sees Trish arrive for her visit/Trish breaks up with N   Visiting Room [18:42/19:40]
CaretakerMusical Theme Nikki Nikki tells Trish that break-up "frees us both up I suppose"   Visiting Room [22:22]
Declaration Nikki Monica tries to comfort N/N describes her crime/"The reason I'm in here—love"/"on my own"   Nikki's Cell [23:20/24:59]
  (H) Rachel threatens Fenner if Shell "lays one more finger on me [...] I'm going to Stewart & I'm telling her everything"   Rachel's Cell (28:32-28:39)
  (H) When Dominic worries Zandra will grass, Lorna Rose replies: "What's the alternative eh, telling Stewart she legged it?"   Reception (30:49-30:52)
  Helen Reprimands Rachel for trashing cell/ Fenner tells H about R's daughter/"In view of what's just happened I'm gonna be lenient"/puts R in 4-bed dorm   Helen's Office [31:03]
  (H) Lorna Rose tells Dominic that Helen wants to see them/L claims if H finds out about Zandra H will "cover her back"; D protests "Helen's not like that"   Corridor [33:48-33:50/ 34:07-34:20]
  Nikki Makes wisecrack about suicide to Monica   Servery [35:08]
Scene Reference Helen Monica tells H about N's break-up & depression/"tough as old boots"   G1 [35:24]
CaretakerScene Reference Helen Learns Zandra decided against abortion/asks Dominic & Lorna to look out for N/H tells Dominic about Rachel & asks him to have a word with her   Helen's Office [36:19]
Prison Conflict Helen Calls staff meeting re Rachel's suicide   Helen's Office [43:14]
Prison ConflictScene Reference Nikki "So much for the new regime [...] we got dead bodies on the wing"/Monica: "You can't blame Miss Stewart for that"/N blames officers for Rachel's death/letter from Trish/"everybody bullshits"   Servery [44:23]
  Nikki Listens to Crystal singing   Nikki's Cell (46:29-46:33)
Tangled Web
  Zandra calls Lorna's bluff; Fenner tells Shell & Denny to stick to story      
  Helen Drives to work and hears radio coverage of suicide/"Hanged!"   Helen's Car [00:07/00:31 /00:46]
  Helen Tells Fenner & Dominic she has meeting with Stubberfield re press/D defends H to Fenner   Officers' Room [01:25]
Prison ConflictFenner Conflict Helen Fenner joins H for Stubberfield meeting/"you're not a mother"   Corridor, #1's Office [03:03]
  Nikki Attacks Shell for comment about Rachel   Servery [05:13]
Prison ConflictFenner Conflict Helen Stubberfield: "problem with Jim?" /"need all the friends you can get"   #1's Office [06:15]
Prison Conflict Nikki Put down the block   The Block [08:09]
  (N) Julies discuss fight: Julie S.: "Shell deserved all she got"/Julie J.: "What if Hollamby gets Nikki transferred?"   G1 (08:18-08:29)
  Nikki Shell drops food by cell & sees N reading letter/Dominic checks in   The Block [09:16]
Prison ConflictScene Reference Helen Lorna tells H that N put down the block; H tells her to bring N by office   Helen's Office [10:08]
  Helen Meets with Rachel's mother & Fenner   Helen's Office [11:19/12:57]
  (H/N) Bodybag: "If Nikki Wade's not shipped out [...] I'll want to know the reason why"/Lorna Rose: "the Gov thinks she can bring her to heel"   G1 Gate [14:13-14:34]
  (H) Dominic tells Lorna that Zandra is threatening to tell Gov she legged it unless he brings in drugs: "I say we go tell Helen"   Officers' Room (14:42-14:57)
Fenner Conflict Helen Learns about package from Rachel's mother/preempts Fenner's attempt to speak to Shell first   Corridor [15:27]
  (H) Lorna warns Zandra to back off: "it's your neck on the block if the Gov hears you tried to escape"; Zandra says she'll tell H if Dominic & Lorna don't help her   4-Bed Dorm [17:15-17:43]
  Helen Questions Shell about package   Pantry [17:58/20:08]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen Fenner watches H & Shell while talking to Dominic/H asks Dominic for N's file   G1, Officers' Room [20:28/21:02]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Goads Fenner about Rachel   The Block [21:45]
Scene Reference Helen Dominic tells H he's fed up with Larkhall/Fenner counsels H to ship N out   Officers' Room [22:00]
  (H/N) Fenner to Dominic: "If [Helen's] not careful, she's gonna end us up in deep shite"; Dominic defends N, then H   Officers' Room [22:37-22:57]
Turning PointRelationship ConflictPrison Conflict
Relationship DevelopmentMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki "Macho crap"/"Sit in that chair"/ discuss Trish; "you probably don't think it's for real 'cause we're dykes"/cycle; warning only   Helen's Office [23:20/24:56 /26:39]
  (H) Fenner asks Shell what she told Helen   Servery (24:25-24:37)
  (H) Lorna learns that Dominic wants to resign/"No more nagging you about telling Helen"/"Helen's not that bad"   Officers' Room (25:44-26:02)
  Nikki Encounters Shell on wing/Shell shocked she's allowed back/N taunts Shell   G-Wing [28:00]
  (N) Shell continues to complain to Fenner after N leaves: "She assaulted me [...] how come she's back on the wing?"   G-Wing [28:08-28:15]
Scene ReferenceFenner ConflictPrison Conflict Helen Asked at staff meeting why lenient with N/Fenner belittles N & Trisha's relationship   Officers' Room [28:46]
  Helen Dominic resigns   G1 [30:18]
  Helen Confronts Rachel's roommates about what happened/Crystal grasses on Denny kicking Rachel, H sends D down the block   4-Bed Dorm [31:05]
  Helen & Nikki N & H: reaction shots to Shell's performance at memorial service/H speaks & vows to investigate   Chapel [(34:19-35:56) /36:03]
Scene ReferenceFenner Conflict Helen Denny's adjudication; H sentences D to a week down the block/Fenner points out inconsistency re N/"Daniella Blood is a bully"   Interview Room [39:30]
  (H) Denny asks to see the Gov   The Block (41:03-41:07)
  Helen Denny tells H Fenner & Rachel had been having sex   Interview Room [41:39]
  Helen & Nikki H asks N about Fenner's "fan club" /"taking advantage"   Garden [42:31]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen Confronts Fenner about Rachel/F [re N informing on him]: "another man-hating lesbian"/F threatens H/"makes you sound guilty"   Helen's Office [43:23]
Prison Conflict Helen Stubberfield tells H that Fenner already told him about H's accusation /"no judgement"; "seriously [consider] job"   #1's Office [44:50]
Fenner Conflict Helen Confronts Fenner about preempting her   Officers' Room [46:12]
A Big Mistake
  Denny's mother Jessie arrives; Dom tells guard he plans to quit; Lorna runs drugs for Zandra      
  (H) Fenner asks if any officers have seen H: "got my fingers crossed she's gone for a career change"/asks Dominic if he'll stay if H goes   Officers' Room [00:49-01:03]
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki H returns from vacation & flirts with N/"feminist?"/mentions Sean/Sophie's World: "I won't tell if you won't"   Garden [01:41]
  (H) Bodybag says if H returns then she might also leave with Dominic   Officers' Room (02:32-02:38)
Scene Reference Helen Cheerful return to officers/wants to review both N's sentence plan & reports from Fenner   Officers' Room [02:40]
  (H) Fenner tells Lorna H wants full report "Since she decided to make our lives just a little more difficult"   Reception (04:20-04:27)
  Helen Discusses Jessie with Dominic & sets time to meet with him   Corridor [06:34]
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki H asks N about interests/convinces to consider OU classes/"as a favor to me"/"for you"   Helen's Office [08:18]
Prison ConflictCaretaker Helen & Nikki N in background as Bodybag taunts Jessie/H intervenes & orders Bodybag to get J tea/Nikki looks on   Servery [11:33]
  Helen Pub with Dominic: "You've got integrity, unlike some I could mention. Forget I said that."   Pub [12:58]
  Helen Dominic tells H he needs to tell her something before he can reconsider his resignation; H invites him to her flat for a nightcap   Pub [15:27]
  Helen Dominic confesses Zandra's escape   Helen's Flat [17:45]
  (H) Dominic tells Lorna Rose that Helen changed his mind about his resignation /"Oh very nice and cosy. Helen eh?"   Officers' Room [20:30-20:40]
  Helen Dominic asks if H has spoken to Stubberfield and asks her not to tell Lorna Rose he's confessed   Officers' Room [20:42]
  Helen Asks Denny why she attacked Jessie   Helen's Office [26:44]
  Nikki Calls out to unseen person on landing "Yeah, we'll sort it out tomorrow alright?"   G1, Servery [27:31]
  (N) Brief glimpse of Nikki as Shell tells wing about Jessie & Denny   Servery (28:33-28:35)
Caretaker Nikki Consoles Jessie & suggests she write to Denny   Exercise Yard [29:12]
Relationship DevelopmentDeclaration Helen & Nikki H gives N OU prospectus/"I'm scared"/H gives N Sophie's World   Nikki's Cell [32:34]
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki "Juliet & Juliet"/"not my flavour"/"give it a go some time"/Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit   Library [39:17]
  Helen & Nikki Tells Dominic that Stubberfield wants him & Lorna Rose to stay   Corridor [43:56]
  (H) Dominic tells Lorna he's confessed to H, she's spoken to Stubberfield, and they're "in the clear"   Atrium (46:27-46:45)
Playing with Fire
  Denny takes literacy classes; Spencer visits Monica; Zandra tells Shell about Lorna; Dom finds pills in Shell's cell; Fenner threatens Shell; Shell back to Basic      
Musical Theme Helen & Nikki Morning makeup montage   Helen's Flat, Nikki's Cell [00:06]
  Helen Encourages Sean before his class at Larkhall; he suggests marriage & pushes her for an answer   Helen's Garden [01:02]
  Nikki Briefly discusses her parents with Monica   Corridor [02:48]
  Helen Rushes to work without answering proposal/"this possessive"/"I love you"   Helen's Flat [04:59]
  Nikki Sees Monica's sadness as she returns to cell/encourages M to continue pursuing appeal   Stairway, Monica's Cell [10:09/12:44]
  (H) Zandra & Shell threaten Lorna Rose in bathroom/Z: "have to tell Miss Stewart I legged it"/Shell: "Tut tut, what is the Governor gonna say"   The loo [10:18-10:37]/ [11:22-11:35]
  (H) Lorna Rose & Dominic/D: "are you still pissed off about me telling Helen?"   Officers' Room (13:33-13:39)
Scene ReferencePrison Conflict Helen Tells officers she's moving N to G3 /Dominic defends H   Officers' Room [15:21]
  (H/N) Officers discuss meeting, Dominic & Fenner argue after/Bodybag: "Well I've heard everything now, Nikki Wade"/F: "she could take the girls out Christmas shopping you'd still defend her"   Officers' Room, Corridor [16:54-17:24]
Scene Reference Nikki Bodybag tells N she's moving to G3, "Miss Stewart's instructions"/hug from Monica   Nikki's G2 Cell [17:40]
Scene Reference Nikki Shell: "You must be shaggin' her!"   Nikki's G3 Cell [18:42]
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki H visits N on G3/"responsibilities"/ "thanks"/watches H walk away   Stairway, G3 Landing [21:21]
Scene Reference Nikki Shell provokes N & Dominic tells her Helen's to thank for move   Nikki's Cell [22:29]
  Helen Leaves for Larkhall with Sean   Helen's Flat [23:58]
  Nikki Attends Sean's class   Classroom [25:10]
  (N) Shell to Lorna Rose: "can you tell me how come Wade's got herself put on 'ere?"   G3 [26:40-26:42]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N realizes who Sean is & learns about engagement   Classroom [28:02]
Turning PointRelationship ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki Potting shed confrontation & grab   Potting Shed [30:10]
Musical Theme Helen & Nikki N & H fret   Helen's Office, Potting Shed [31:07]
  (H/N) Shell blames N for drugs/Dominic: "you can tell the boss that at your adjudication"/S: "it's that cow Wade, I'm telling you"   Shell's Cell [33:04-33:15]
Relationship ConflictRelationship DevelopmentDeclaration Helen & Nikki "I'm a heterosexual"/relationship is professional only/"even if I were attracted to you"/"Sorry to have caused you so much trouble"   Helen's Office [33:53]
  (N) Dominic & Fenner argue about Shell/D: "She tried to blame Nikki Wade but me & Lorna saw right through her"   Officers' Room [35:53-35:56]
  (N) Fenner & Shell re drugs/F: "You told Mr McAllister they were Nikki Wade's"   Shell's Cell [37:35-37:42]
  (N) Lorna Rose, Dominic, & Fenner/LR: "She said, ah, Nikki Wade planted them on her"   Officers' Room [38:53-38:55]
  Nikki Discusses Monica's appeal with her & Crystal   Servery [39:13]
  Helen After workout, thinking on couch/tells Sean not in mood to go to dinner/"You don't seem yourself"/H wants to marry asap, kisses him   Helen's Flat [41:15]
  Helen Lays out Shell's punishment for drug bust   Interview Room [42:52]
  Nikki Teases Shell as she moves back to Basic   Stairway [43:38]
  Helen & Nikki H tells M home visit possible/N sarcastic about faith in H to Monica   G3 Landing [44:50]
  (H) Denny & Shell/D: "Why don't you tell the Governor those jellies came from Miss Rose?"/S: "Don't be a dickhead, d'you think she'd believe me?"   Officers' Room (46:13-46:22)
  Nikki "Another day gone Monica, how many you got left?"/"Not many I hope, what about you?"/"Roughly? Three thousand, six hundred and fifty-five"   Night Calls [47:44-48:00]
Falling Apart
  Julies' winemaking scheme; Spencer dies; Shell grasses unsuccessfully      
  Helen & Nikki Greets officers as arrives at work/ spills coffee when glances at N's window and sees N watching for her   Prison Entrance, Courtyard [00:07]
  Nikki Fenner catches N watching: "She always manages to be a couple of minutes late. You noticed?"   Nikki's Cell [00:42]
  Nikki Taunts Shell about being back on Basic   Servery [00:56]
  Helen Updates Monica on home visit   Helen's Office [01:22]
  (H/N) Fenner tells Shell he's missed her, S replies he "should have thought about that when you let that shit-parcel put me back on Basic"/S: "that bitch Wade queening about on my landing"   The loo (04:27-04:32)/ (05:20-05:28)
  Nikki Julies ask for Nikki's help making wine   Garden [10:14]
  Nikki Watches Julie make the wine, almost caught by Bodybag/"We were only having a quick feel"   Potting Shed [13:47]
  (H) Dominic tells Monica that Helen wants to see her   Garden (15:12-15:20)
Caretaker Helen Shares news of Spencer's death with Monica   Helen's Office [15:30/15:50]
Caretaker Helen Helps Monica to her cell and into bed   G-Wing, Monica's Cell [17:03/17:29]
  Helen Briefs officers about Spencer's death: "I want everyone to treat her with the utmost respect"   Helen's Office [18:40]
CaretakerRelationship ConflictPrison Conflict Helen & Nikki H visits N, acknowledges "Spencer was serving a sentence too"/asks N to look after Monica/"You're full of shit!"   Nikki's Cell [19:43]
  Helen Sean reproaches H about missing get- together with his parents because of funeral/"someone I let down badly"/ belittles herself   Helen's Flat [21:43]
Caretaker Nikki Tries to comfort Monica with Julie J./ "let yourself cry"   Monica's Cell [23:31]
Scene Reference Helen & Nikki N apologizes/H dismisses flowers violation/Bodybag tries to take flowers, but N has Gov's permission   G2 Landing [26:26]
  Helen H & Monica leave for Spencer's funeral/H reluctantly handcuffs M: "I'm sorry"/H & M arrive at church, M's sister protests about her being cuffed   G-Wing, Entrance Courtyard, Church exterior [27:31/28:20 /29:11]
  Nikki Julies ask N to fetch wine/N: "It's still raw! It's only been brewing 3 weeks"   Servery [30:30]
Caretaker Helen Service/H removes Monica's handcuffs   Church [31:12]
  (H/N) Fenner tells Shell that H is at funeral when S asks to see the Governor /Shell tells Fenner N's making alcohol   Officers' Room (32:05-32:09)/ [32:41-32:46]
  Helen Spencer's burial   Churchyard [32:53]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Fenner tries to bust N for winemaking   Garden [33:28]
  Helen Monica breaks down, climbs into the grave/H watches, upset   Churchyard [34:12]
  (N) Julies wait impatiently for Nikki: "Where the hell is she?"   Julies' Cell (35:37)
  Nikki Fenner finishes turning over Potting Shed, missing brew in compost heap   Garden [35:41]
  Helen H apologizes for recuffing Monica as they leave the funeral   Churchyard [36:24]
  (N) Fenner furious with Shell: "make a prat of meself [...] all because of some vendetta you've got with Wade"   Officer's Room (37:17-37:34)
  Nikki Passes wine up to the Julies' cell   Exercise Yard [37:55]
  Nikki Confronts Shell & tells Julies not planning to attend "wake"   Servery [39:28]
  Nikki Tries to study during raucous wake   Nikki's Cell [41:26]
Caretaker Helen H & Monica arrive back on G-Wing/H sees M back to her cell/H "You've still got your appeal"   G-Wing, Monica's Cell [41:52/43:16]
Relationship DevelopmentMusical Theme Helen & Nikki H responds to N calling out to Monica/ "have Sean to go home to"/"'Night, Helen"/H to Bodybag: "Helen"   Nikki's Cell, Stairway [44:14]
  Nikki Calls out "Thinking of you Monica"   Night Calls (46:06)
Payback Time
  Shell finds religion & persuades Crystal to write to newspaper; Shell sets up Lorna; Yvonne arrives      
  Helen Hung over at home/put off telling disapproving father about wedding   Helen's Flat [00:06]
  Helen Briefs officers on Monica's depression   Officers' Room [03:38]
  (H) Zandra & Lorna Rose re drugs/Z: "Shell told you to go to the doctor's [...]. Now, unless you want Stewart to know..."   G1 (07:07-07:13)
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N pushes H to say what's bothering her/"can't have it both ways"/"this is difficult for me"/"uncomfortable?"   Library [08:20]
  (H) Shell & Crystal re writing to papers/S: "with my record? Stewart would just write back sayin' I'm a known user. If [...] you did it, she wouldn't have a leg to stand on"   Laundry Room [11:22-11:34]
  Helen Overhears Monica giving up appeal   G1 [11:55]
  (H) Shell to Crystal: "if you was to make [the letter] more particular, like mention G-Wing or Stewart's name..."   4-Bed Dorm [13:20-13:27]
  Helen & Nikki N agrees to help H with Monica   Garden [14:23]
Caretaker Nikki Urges Monica to continue with appeal   Monica's Cell [16:42]
Relationship DevelopmentMusical Theme Helen & Nikki Sean trying to snuggle when N calls H at home   G1, Helen's Flat [19:49]
Relationship Conflict Helen Doesn't want to discuss wedding invitations with Sean/"I've got a lot on my mind"   Helen's Flat [21:49]
  (H) Officers discuss letter to newspaper/ Fenner (quoting): "'Governor Helen Stewart doesn't seem able to do much about it.'"   Officers' Room [22:27]
  Helen & Nikki N tries to intercept H as she arrives   Courtyard Entrance [23:00]
  Helen Fenner shows H letter in newspaper   Officers' Room [23:34]
Scene Reference Nikki Shell taunts N about H's predicament   Stairway [24:06]
Prison Conflict Helen Stubberfield won't let H defend herself   #1's Office [24:47]
  Helen & Nikki H seeks out N, who tells her she'd phoned & that Monica going ahead with appeal/"you've got a wedding to plan"   Stairway, G3 Landing [26:00]
  Helen Argues with Crystal about letter   Helen's Office [26:58]
  Helen Visits Monica   Monica's Cell [29:21]
  (H) Crystal to Shell re grassing up Lorna Rose: "tell the Gov, Shell, you got to"   4-Bed Dorm (32:22-32:32)
Prison Conflict Helen Shell & Crystal tell H about Lorna/H watches from landing/intercepts Lorna   Helen's Office, Shell's Cell [33:16/35:44/ 35:56]
  Helen Helen, Lorna Rose, & Fenner watch while DST officer checks perfume packaging, finds drugs   Anteroom to Helen's Office [36:18]
  Helen Lorna Rose hands over ID to H, DST officer clears out LR's locker   Locker Room [37:06]
  Helen H escorts Lorna Rose to squad car   Corridors, Courtyard Entrance [37:55]
  (H) Fenner & Bodybag backstab H to Stubberfield: "The wing's having problems generally, sir. I haven't seen anything like it before"/S asks where Helen is   Officers' Room [39:27]
Prison Conflict Helen Told by Stubberfield that visits closed   Corridor [40:18]
  Helen Tells Sean "Don't know if I can take another day"   Helen's Flat [41:23]
Scene Reference Nikki Defends H to inmates re closed visits, blames Shell for setting up Lorna Rose   G1 [41:43]
  (H) Bodybag to Dominic: "She should have done this months ago" [closed visits]   Officers' Room (42:36-42:38)
  Helen Tells Fenner Shell's still on Basic   G2 Landing [42:51]
  (H) Shell to Fenner: "She can't keep me on Basic!"/F: "If you'd let me find the stuff instead of her [H] I could have taken it straight to Stubberfield and she'd have been out on her ass"   Shell's Cell (43:09-43:13)/ [43:29-43:37]
  Nikki Surprised & suspicious at Monica's sudden confidence   G3 Landing [43:56]
  Nikki Comments on Yvonne's arrival   G1 [44:48]
Turning PointRelationship Development
Love SceneMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki H enters N's cell/"Getting it from all sides"/first kiss   Nikki's Cell [45:25]
Love Hurts
  Yvonne: "I don't do scared"; Yvonne gives guitars; Shell begins letters to Fenner's wife      
  Helen Irritated by Sean's offer to let friends use flat during honeymoon   Helen's Flat [01:51]
Scene Reference Nikki At breakfast Julie S. wants N to deliver petition to Helen/N: "Coming from me, all she'd do [...] is rip it up"   Servery [02:22]
Scene Reference Helen Realizes she's going to have to face N when she receives OU correspondence   Helen's Office [03:49]
  (H) Shell ostracized for getting Lorna Rose sacked: "It's all that cow Stewart's fault"   Servery (04:32-04:36)
Scene Reference Nikki Fenner tells N that H wants to see her   G3 Landing [05:26]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki "avoiding"/"no right taking advantage"/ "disrespectful [...] by kissing"/"one of us is gonna have to leave"   Helen's Office [06:09]
  Nikki Returns to her cell   G-Wing Stairway [08:42]
  Helen Asks Bodybag to bring Yvonne to her office for induction, notes that Yvonne needs a Personal Officer   Officers' Room [08:56]
  Nikki N fantasizes about San Fran/Monica suggests N appeal/"lesbian cop killer? Yeah, very tabloid friendly that"   G3 Landing [10:04]
  Helen Induction meeting with Yvonne, allocates Bodybag as Personal Officer   Helen's Office [10:37]
Relationship Conflict Helen Meeting interrupted by call from Sean/ "stressed and now I've got you hassling me"/Dominic & Yvonne listen   Helen's Office, Corridor [12:56]
Caretaker Nikki Intervenes in Monica's attempted suicide & revives with Julies' help   Monica's Cell [22:38/23:58/ 24:59/26:11]
Caretaker Helen & Nikki N concerned that Monica doesn't try anything else after lock-up; when Helen walks in, N & the Julies try to cover up M's suicide attempt   Monica's Cell [28:09]
Turning PointDeclaration
CaretakerRelationship Development
Helen & Nikki H confronts N about Monica and why she didn't summon help/"I did it to protect you"   Nikki's Cell [29:44]
Turning PointDeclarationScene Reference Helen Doesn't want a Hen night, S asks her to help him choose a suit/H tells him "I think she thinks she's in love with me"/N "tried to drag me into her cell and kiss me"   Helen's Flat [30:38]
Caretaker Nikki Speech to Monica: "Everyone who gets out of here gets out for all of us"   Servery [32:25]
  Helen & Nikki H awkwardly tries to thank N; N dismissive and walks off   Servery [34:16]
  Helen Escorts Monica to trial   G-Wing, Entrance Courtyard [35:34/36:31]
  Helen & Nikki Monica's speech on TV/N's reflection on TV during hug from H   G1, Royal Courts of Justice [37:23]
Turning PointDeclarationMusical Theme Helen Breaks up with Sean: "I can't marry you"/"I don't love you"/leaves in tears   Tailor, Sidewalk [39:32]
  Helen Calls home, listens to answering machine, hangs up   Helen's Office [41:20]
  (H) Sean arrives at prison gate: "You'll never guess what she's got me doing now"/officer says he'll let H know Sean is there   Prison gate [42:26]
  Nikki Celebrates with women dancing on landings to 'I Will Survive'   G-Wing [42:43]
  Helen Gets phone call from gate informing her Sean is in the garden   Helen's Office [43:27]
  (H) Bodybag spots Sean in the garden: "Isn't that Miss Stewart's fiancé?"   G2 Landing (44:08-44:15)
Turning Point Helen & Nikki N watches at window as H joins Sean in the garden/Sean burns suit/N rushes back to her cell as she sees H leave   G2 Landing, Garden [44:16/44:27 /45:28]
  Helen & Nikki As H walks back to her office N calls to her from her cell window   Entrance Courtyard, Nikki's Cell [45:40]
  Helen Leaves prison at night   Entrance Courtyard, Prison exterior [46:08]
  (H) "Oi Julies! Know any good busting up with your boyfriend songs?"   Night Calls [46:48]
  Nikki Smile crosses Nikki's face as she sits listening to the nightcalls and smoking   Nikki's Cell [46:54]
Tug of Love
  Fenner acting Wing Gov; Fenner's wife receiving letters & calls; Zandra has baby; Karen hired      
Scene Reference Nikki Waiting by window for H, to no avail   Nikki's Cell [00:22]
  (H) Dominic asks Fenner if Stubberfield's  heard from Helen   Wing Gov's Office [01:02]
  (H) Stubberfield tells Fenner no news from H: "I think she's gone AWOL"/Fenner backstabs: "This job's tough enough without problems on the home front"   Wing Gov's Office [01:16]
  (H) Fenner, call to Marilyn: "Stewart's out and I'm in"   Wing Gov's Office (02:06-02:07)
Scene Reference Nikki Shell goads N about H's absence   G1 [04:02]
  (H) Fenner throws Helen's lipstick into the bin   Wing Gov's Office (07:12-07:20)
Fenner Conflict Helen "'Morning, Jim"/"Nice suit"   Helen's Office [15:42]
  Helen H arrives in servery/Yvonne: "Who needs men eh Miss?"/H to N: "[We'll talk] when I'm ready"   Servery [17:34]
  (H/N) Fenner & Shell re H's return & N as author of letters to F's wife/brief shots of said Evil Lezzie Bitch innocently eating   G1, Officers' Room, Servery [18:29-19:40]
Prison Conflict Helen Meeting with Stubberfield/official warning/Fenner on same pay grade   #1's Office [19:49]
DeclarationRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N: "why can't you tell me I mean something to you?"/"Doesn't matter what the hell I feel"; can't break own rules/"care more about [...] career than you do about me"   Helen's Office [22:11]
  Helen Meets with Zandra & Robin, who wants custody   Interview Room [33:35]
  (N) N & group of women on break see Zandra on roof   Exercise Yard (39:05-39:19/ 39:29-39:32)
  Helen Dom alerts H that Zandra's on roof   Helen's Office [39:58]
  Nikki "You've got your whole life, Zandra!"   Exercise Yard [40:59-40:01]
  Helen & Nikki Roof rescue   Roof, Courtyard [41:37]
DeclarationRelationship DevelopmentMusical Theme Helen & Nikki "You're gorgeous [...] totally in love"   Corridor [45:45]
Shit Happens
  Shell cont. calls to F's wife, sets Fenner up; Zandra & Dom's relationship develops; Yvonne befriends Denny; Josh introduced; Fenner beats Shell      
  (N) Marilyn wonders who the anonymous caller is; Fenner says "It's one of the cons with a grudge against me" [at this point his main suspect is still Nikki]   Fenner's house (00:52-00:55)
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H ignores N when arriving at work   Entrance Courtyard [01:16]
  (H) Dominic tells Zandra that Helen is sending her back to the wing: "She thinks you need help and support, not more punishment"   The Block (02:52-03:04)
  (N) Shell argues N must be making the calls on a mobile phone; Fenner, though puzzled how N would get hold of one, decides to search N's cell   Shell's Cell [03:48-04:10]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Provoked by Fenner's cell-search /slaps Dominic/sent down block   Nikki's Cell [09:21]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Fenner: "Tell me where it is"   The Block [12:14]
Scene Reference Helen Dominic tells H that N down block because of drugs tip-off   Helen's Office [13:31]
Scene ReferenceFenner Conflict Helen Criticizes Fenner for "unorthodox approach"/F: "you have a special interest in Nikki Wade"   Locker Room [14:53]
Relationship ConflictPrison ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki H visits N: "Given you every chance" /"You only have those books because of me"/ "You can't handle it/give in [...] stick your tongue"/"just don't get it"   The Block [16:03]
Relationship ConflictPrison ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki N rude to Karen, who tells H she's putting N on report/H: "Can't you see what you're doing to me?"/"must be hard, getting angry with someone you've snogged"/"be serious"/"want to make love [...] serious enough?"   The Block [27:01]
Turning Point Nikki Karen tells N she's being shipped out   The Block [29:21]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N boards van; silent H   Courtyard Entrance [30:45]
Relationship DevelopmentScene ReferenceMusical Theme Helen Studies & caresses N's photo   Helen's Office [34:01]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen Tells Fenner she's had shipped N out   Corridor [35:22]
Prison Conflict Nikki On cattle truck, desperate for loo: "They move cattle in better conditions than this!"   Prison Transport, motorway [35:42]
  (N) Fenner sets Shell up: "that bloody Nikki Wade only stood outside while we were having our way", then searches her cell for mobile: "Nikki Wade was shipped out [...] it couldn't have been her"   Shell's Cell (36:19-37:35)
Scene Reference Helen Shell tells H about calls & relationship with Fenner/H orders N to be returned   Helen's Office [38:48]
  Nikki Shaken around on cattle truck, which turns back towards Larkhall   Prison Transport, motorway [40:35]
Fenner ConflictPrison Conflict Helen Helen confronts Fenner over Shell's allegations/argues with Stubberfield that F should be suspended/S: "extreme"/H: "standard procedure [...] Either he goes or I go. If you don't care what goes on in this prison I'll take it up with Area Management!"   #1's Office [40:56]
  Nikki Returned to Larkhall, bewildered   Entrance Courtyard [43:14]
  (H) Dominic finds Fenner packing, asks what he's doing/F: "Ask your precious Wing Governor"   Locker Room (43:36-43:44)
  Helen Argues with Stubberfield over Fenner: "usual whitewash job"/"pull rank, just sweep it under the carpet"/"I don't like it one bit!"   #1's Office [43:45]
  Nikki Arrives back on the wing to mayhem as Fenner leaves/asks Dominic what's going on   G1 [45:19]
Turning PointDeclarationRelationship Conflict
Love SceneMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki H apologizes, tells N Fenner's been suspended & she's resigned/"I thought I could fight them [her emotions], I was stupid"/"guilty of the same offence, in thought if not in deed"/N: "can't leave me like this"/"Shit happens"   Nikki's Cell [45:33]
Visiting Time
  Karen appointed Wing Gov; Plot to help Julie J see kids; Di arrives; Fenner's investigation/letter to Shell; Shell tells Karen she lied about F's escapades; F returns; Shell learns F conned her      
DeclarationScene Reference Nikki Receives letter from H   G2 Landing [01:25]
  (H) Stubberfield tells Karen that H resigned because of "man management problems"   #1's Office (03:26-03:29) /[03:59-04:25]
  (H) Bodybag, defending Fenner to Dominic: "Why don't you go put the boot in with Miss Stewart?"   Officers' Room (07:19-07:22)
  (H) Stubberfield comes in to announce H's resigned & Karen's taking over   Officers' Room [07:51-08:01]
  (H) Bodybag, in response to Karen's speech about lazy officers: "Talk about out of the frying pan & into the fire"   Officers' Room (11:04-11:06)
  (H) Bodybag tells Fenner Helen's resigned   Fenner's house (21:12-21:17)
  Nikki Tells Yvonne & Julies not a good idea for Yvonne's daughter to bring in Julie J's kids   G1 [23:21]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Nikki Taunted by Fenner/"You're not teacher's pet any more, now your little Miss Stewart's gone"; keep nose clean   G1 [39:43]
  (N) Nikki visible in background as Bodybag welcomes Fenner back   G1 (40:17-40:20)
Prison Conflict Nikki Joins others in plot against Bodybag, because of her treatment of inmates [removing Julie J's kids from visiting room early]   G1 [41:33]
Prison Conflict Nikki Participates in pushing Bodybag down stairway   Stairway [46:42]
Looking for Love
  Crystal & Josh; Zandra's pain begins; Denny visits her mom; Karen preempts Fenner's visit to Stubberfield; Shell begins to lose it; Fenner approaches Yvonne: "ever so faint whiff of corruption"      
Mistaken Identity
  Barbara & Mad Tessa arrive; Yvonne makes deal with Fenner for time with Charlie; Shell in group therapy      
  Nikki Brief glimpse as scene opens /overhears Shell's plan to visit Tessa   Servery [(11:32-11:34)/ 12:24]
Caretaker Nikki Interrupts Tessa's attack on Shell   Tessa's Cell [13:43]
DeclarationScene ReferenceMusical Theme Nikki Gets postcard from H saying she'll visit/Dominic wonders how she is; N tells him "don't worry, she's fine"   G1 [14:11]
  Nikki Tessa provokes Nikki for interfering with Shell   Exercise Yard [26:50]
  (N) Fenner tells officers N started fight/ Bodybag suggests room swap, Nikki with Yvonne   Officers' Room [29:06-29:19/ 29:43-29:46]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Moved down to Basic/"I'm lucky I keep all my privileges in here"   G1 [30:13]
  Nikki Dominic suggests N argue her side/N: "total head-case"/Dominic figures out who's who   G1 [30:41]
  Nikki Files back in with other prisoners after Tessa's been locked up   G1 gate (44:03-44:10)
  Nikki Meets new roommate, Barbara Hunt; "I think we're merely comparing types of hell"   Nikki's Cell [44:24]
Losing It
  Shell loses it in group therapy; Bodybag's exercise regime; Dr No No dismisses Zandra's pain; Dominic & Zandra; Karen softens to Fenner; inmate paranoia about male officers; Karen catches Bodybag in con re neck; Crystal & Josh flirt      
  Nikki Barbara tells N why she's in prison, asks N about her crime/"Same as you, manslaughter—only with me it was for real"/F tells B they'll move her out of N's cell asap; N tells B F hates her   Nikki's Cell [03:24]
  Nikki While N & Barbara are having breakfast together, Shell asks if B is N's new girlfriend   Servery [05:59]
  (N) After N's left, Shell advises Barbara to "keep your knickers on after dark... lesbo i'nt she"   Servery [06:16-06:32]
  (H) Dominic tells Bodybag that after complaining "Helen wasn't tough enough" she should be happy about Karen making her exercise   Corridor (07:00-07:04)
  Nikki N strips while getting ready for bed after shower; Barbara uncomfortable   Nikki's Cell [11:50]
  (N) Barbara tells Fenner she needs to speak to him about Nikki Wade   Officers' Room [14:41-14:43]
Fenner Conflict Nikki After accusing her of "flaunting [her] bits and pieces" Fenner warns N to "Keep your dykey fingers to yourself"   Nikki's Cell [16:29]
  Nikki Confronts Barbara/"Even if I were available, I wouldn't touch you with a cattle prod"   Nikki's Cell [18:44]
  (N) N seen briefly in the background, looking amused as Shell rants at Dominic about male officers   G1 (22:45-22:47)
  Nikki Catches Shell blaming Barbara for graffiti   Corridor [30:40]
Turning PointRelationship Development
Helen & Nikki H visits N: "Hiya Nikki"/"thought I'd never see you again"/"I missed you Nikki"/H tells N she should appeal   Visiting Room [31:34]
  (H/N) Bodybag and Fenner gawk, appalled by "an ex-officer visiting a con"/ "They'll be letting them run the place next"   Visiting Room [33:18-33:25]
Turning PointRelationship Development
DeclarationMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki N says appealing is "a waste of time"/"Will you do it for me?"/"I'll do anything for you, you know that"/ "We're gonna make this work"   Visiting Room [33:26]
Caretaker Nikki Barbara thanks N after N tells Karen that Dockley did the graffiti   Nikki's Cell [34:40]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Nikki Fenner winds N up making her think he has read her letter from H/"Very affectionate girl Helen... she likes you"   G1 [37:14]
Scene Reference Nikki N rants to Barbara about Fenner reading her letter; Bodybag tells her there wasn't any mail, "she's forgotten you"/B offers to help with mail   Nikki's Cell [39:21]
Turning Point Helen & Nikki N reading Portrait of a Lady; Helen surprises her with news of her new job/"special programme for women lifers, I'm back on your case—literally!"   Library [44:25]
The Setup
  Yvonne tries to escape; Zandra diagnosed with brain tumor      
  Helen Karen announces H's new job as Lifers' Liaison to officers   Officers' Room [00:23]
  Nikki Called to breakfast/teases Bodybag   Nikki's Cell [03:26]
  Helen & Nikki H seeks out N in servery/"back to my place"/"good girl"/access to files/"have to be careful"   Nikki's Cell [04:26]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen To Fenner: "no reason I should have anything to do with you"/"didn't realise you were that way inclined"/H informed Stubberfield of visits   Corridor [06:54]
Scene ReferenceDeclaration Nikki Discusses diary & soulmates with Barbara   Nikki's Cell [14:46]
  Nikki Yvonne shows N photos of Charlie golfing   Servery [18:33]
Scene ReferenceDeclaration Helen Reads N's confession & sentencing recommendation/Karen asks her to her office for a drink   Library [19:57]
  Helen Warns Karen about Fenner   Karen's Office [21:01]
  (N) Nikki seen chatting with Barbara on steps as Zandra joins Crystal to discuss her visit to doctor's   Exercise Yard (22:44-22:53)
  (H) Karen tells Fenner about H's warning /F: "She tried too hard"   Officers' Room (24:04-24:30)
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki H tells N of minimum sentence/ "cold-blooded murderer"   Library [30:16]
  Helen & Nikki N gestures H to follow her out   Library [32:51]
DeclarationLove Scene
CaretakerMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki Signposts/normal/"the way I feel"/"I will get you out of here"/"Watch me"   Art Room [33:33/38:24]
  Helen Copies N's files   Corridor, Karen's Office [46:26]
  Nikki Welcomes Zandra back   G1 [47:19]
Babes Behind Bars
  Yvonne's phone sex plan; Barbara tries to help get pot for Zandra; Josh courts Crystal      
Scene Reference Nikki N about to mulch cannabis plants/"I had a letter from Helen [...], she told me I'd better be keeping my nose clean"/B suggests giving some to Zandra for her pain   Garden [04:27]
  Nikki Yvonne interrupts N & Barbara's meal to ask for B's help with the internet/N: "I think you're about to prove invaluable, Barbara"   Servery [11:52]
  Nikki Crystal asks Barbara if she has any more cannabis; Nikki tells her "I'm not into anything right now" & that Josh is the person to go to   Corridor [35:15]
The Parting
  Zandra dies; Shaz arrives; Shell steals Barbara's diary      
  Nikki Shooting pool, exchanges snipes with Shell as Fenner moves her from Basic   G-Wing [04:20]
  Nikki Shell hints to group about diary/N discusses Dominic's feelings for Zandra with him   Exercise Yard [18:14]
  Nikki Barbara leaves to fetch notebook, N  saves her place in queue   Servery [13:25]
  Nikki Barbara makes excuse to N re Shell's goading her/N discusses Zandra with Dominic/"don't beat yourself up about it"   Exercise Yard [18:14]
  Nikki Barbara tells N Shell stole diary   Nikki's Cell [19:19]
  Nikki At drinking party N makes Shell admit to stealing/party continues   4-Bed Dorm [20:42/24:27]
  Nikki Zandra's seizure; N runs to door to call for Dominic/Zandra's death   4-Bed Dorm [26:13]
  Nikki Exchanges glares with Shell as sees Barbara cleaning off piano keys /reaction shots during Zandra's memorial service   Chapel (30:35/ 30:40- 30:46/32:16/ 33:00/35:54)
Caretaker Nikki Defends Barbara against Shell's threats   G1 [38:02]
Caretaker Nikki Presses Barbara to confront Shell   G1, Stairway [43:50]
  (N) Shell attacks Barbara, who calls out to N/brief reaction shot of N at landing   Shell's Cell, G3 Landing (45:00-45:03)
Family Plan
  Julie J. wants to get pregnant; Shaz & Denny's pranks; Renee arrives; Yvonne learns Charlie betrayed her      
Rough Justice
  Renee poisoned; Fenner starts to drink; Denny & Shaz lock Bodybag in cell; Bodybag demoted      
Caretaker Nikki Defends Yvonne from attack by Renee   Bathroom [01:58]
  Helen A little flirting by Dominic; "Does this  mean you'll be based here for good now?"   Prison Entrance Archway [02:42]
  (H) Di to Dominic: "You should be workin', not eyein' up women"   Prison Entrance Archway (02:56-03:02)
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki H forming lifers' group/"keep your hormones under control"/lawyer friend wants to meet/"To even have a hope"   Garden [03:59]
  (N) N eating beside Yvonne as Y notes Shell's carping re Renee's food- obsession: "Only wish she'd choke on it"/N still eating as Crystal marches out to complain about Renee's racist comments   G1 (05:00-05:03/ 05:19)
  Helen & Nikki H distracted at lifers' meeting/H chides N for snapping at Shell/"show you a good time"/Dominic interrupts     [13:00/14:43]
DeclarationRelationship DevelopmentCaretaker Helen & Nikki H caresses sleeping N/N give H letter expressing feelings/will read in bed /Karen interrupts   G1, Nikki's Cell [25:11]
  Helen & Nikki N sees H & Dominic banter from window/go out to discuss lifers   Exercise Yard [30:11]
  (H) Dominic turns down Fenner's requests for drinks out/D:"made arrangements" /F: "hot date?"/"Something like that"   Exercise Yard (30:15-30:22)
Relationship ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki N Meets with Claire/learns about Gossard's history/N: H interested in Claire?/"I've never been into women" /"[re letter] I feel exactly the same"   Visitor's Room [32:56/38:14]
  (N) Nikki standing behind stairs, lighting cigarette, as Karen walks onto wing to announce cause of Renee's death   G1 (43:16-43:19)
Scene Reference Nikki Nikki overhears Dominic telling Di he has plans to meet H/"It's just a drink and a curry"   G1 [44:25-44:52]
Facing Up
  Shaz meets victim's widow; Crystal preps for release      
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N angry that H didn't tell her about dinner with Dominic/H: "not that I have to explain what I do to you"/"sod you, Nikki"   Garden [00:08]
  (H) Di tells officers & Karen that Dominic went out for a meal with Helen   Officers' Room (01:33-01:46)
  (H) Karen tells Shaz she's on toilet duty & "can start straight after a meeting with Miss Stewart"   Karen's office (03:21-03:24)
  Helen Tries to get Shaz in touch with feelings about her crime   Helen's Office [03:53]
  Nikki Rude to Dominic   Garden [05:27]
  Helen Discusses Shaz with Karen, who asks H about her "hot date" with Dominic /"only thing hot about it [...] was the curry sauce"   G2 Landing [05:51]
  (H) At lunch Di asks Dominic to "spill the beans" about him & H/D: "nothing to spill [...] glad she's interested in my views"   Officers' Mess [6:43-07:12]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki Ignores N as walks past her   G1 [07:43]
  Helen Suggests to Shaz she meet with victim's wife & improve her record or she'll "be cleaning a lot of toilets for a very long time"   4-Bed Dorm [08:02]
Relationship ConflictRelationship Development Helen & Nikki Leaving the wing H pointedly ignores N again, then looks back/N goes to her & apologizes/N: "could decide you want a man"/H: "stop thinking I'm so fickle"   G1 [08:51/09:15]
  (N) N seen eating with Barbara   Servery (11:15-11:21/ 11:40-11:42)
  (N) N watches Shaz's fake choking routine & Fenner refuse to help Di   Servery (11:58-12:06/ 12:15-12:46)
  Helen Working at home when Dominic drops by unannounced   Helen's Flat [12:50]
  Helen Dominic not surprised H takes her work home; "I admire you Helen"/tells her he didn't go to uni because of family commitments/"there's nothing you can't catch up on"   Helen's Flat [14:06]
  Nikki Chaos on G-Wing as Di's left alone to cope/N tells Barbara she's going to make a phone call   Servery [15:42]
Turning PointDeclaration
Scene Reference
Helen & Nikki Dominic tells H "you only go out with posh blokes with their own businesses"/"Past tense"/N calls, hears D's voice & hangs up/D tries to kiss H/"I'm in love with someone else—Nikki Wade"/begs D not to tell   Helen's Flat, G-Wing [15:48]
Scene Reference Nikki Vents to Barbara/paranoid/"says one thing & does the bloody other" /manipulative straight women   Nikki's Cell [18:45]
  Helen Dom leaves while H watches from door   Helen's Flat [20:07]
Musical Theme Nikki Broods in darkened cell   Nikki's Cell [20:49]
Musical ThemeScene Reference Nikki Snaps at Dominic/"get what you wanted"/"you that phoned"/"little shit"   Nikki's Cell [21:24]
  (H) Dominic tells Shaz Helen wants to see her in her office   4-Bed Dorm (22:41-22:44)
  Helen Tells Shaz that a meeting with the victim's wife has been arranged, is concerned S isn't taking it seriously   Helen's Office [24:09]
Turning PointRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H tries to explain that Dominic "just turned up"/"two-faced tart"/"speak & behave towards me in line with prison rules"/"don't [...] give a shit about my appeal"/"so sick of you"/N stabs hand with garden fork   Garden [25:16]
Scene Reference Helen Dominic asks if ok/"tough time with Nikki"/"convinced I was getting off with you"   Officers' Room [28:45]
Scene Reference Nikki Has her wound dressed by nurse/ "having a bit of a rough time"/"partner problems"/Nurse tells her she has to pay off debts before joining boyfriend in Australia   Hospital wing [30:40]
  Helen Facilitates Shaz meeting with widow   Closed Visiting [32:01/34:32]
Scene ReferenceDeclarationMusical Theme Nikki Returns from infirmary, picks up To the Lighthouse/Dominic tells N that H's in love with her/"you saying she didn't flirt [...], make you think you were in with a chance?"/"all in your head"   G1, Nikki's Cell [32:56]
  Nikki Tells Dominic she needs to see H, is told she'll have to wait as H is supervising a visit/Julie S. asks about her hand, N sees the Julies' tea trolley   G1 [36:50]
  Helen & Nikki Shaz is in tears/N arrives with tea trolley, asks to see H   Closed Visiting [37:09]
Relationship ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki N tells H that Dominic told her what H said/"I've been a total arsehole. I love you H, I know you love me"/"too late [...] you said things I can't forget, I don't know what I feel about you any more"/"fall for someone else"   Corridor [37:49]
Caretaker Helen Sends Denny to comfort Shaz   Corridor [38:56]
  Helen As H leaves, Karen pops in to ask about Shaz's meeting, then asks where Dominic is taking her/"Listen Karen, I just come to this bloody place to do a job alright!"   Helen's Office [42:03]
Scene ReferenceMusical Theme Nikki Barbara hands a miserable Nikki a phone-card & tells her "You shouldn't give up"   Nikki's Cell [42:36]
DeclarationMusical Theme Helen & Nikki N leaves message for H/"Just give me another chance [...] not gonna give up on you [...] all my fault"/H listens but doesn't pick up until just after N's put down the phone/H replays message   G1/Helen's Flat [44:26]
Oh What a Night!
  Bodybag's party; Charlie dumps Yvonne; Crystal is released & reunites with Josh      
  Nikki Calls Trish to ask for money to bribe nurse   G1 [01:53]
  Nikki Reinjures hand, gets permission to go to Hospital wing from Di   Nikki's Cell, G1 [02:43]
Fenner ConflictMusical Theme Helen & Nikki Tells Fenner lifers' unit will work if she wants it to/sees N in hall/"a while before she gets it up"/H looks concerned   G1, Corridor [03:10]
  Nikki Proposes escape to nurse   Hospital Wing [04:00]
Scene Reference Nikki "You're going to have a long wait till you see her on Monday"/N tells Barbara about plan/"Please tell me you're joking"   Servery [06:02/6:21]
  (N) Nikki walking & talking with Barbara as women move through daily routine   G1 (12:20-12:23/ 12:26)
  Nikki Says goodbye to Crystal/"We'll never forget what you did for Zandra"   G1 [13:16/ 13:55-13:59]
  Nikki Nurse delivers uniform & wigs   Nikki's Cell [15:10]
  Nikki Fenner locks up cell for night, N prepares/nurse unlocks cell/N escapes/catches bus   Nikki's Cell, G-Wing, Prison Entrance, Exterior [16:14/21:33 /23:22/25:41]
Turning PointDeclarationRelationship Development
Love SceneMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki N appears/"I'm gonna smash your bloody window"/N: "I love you"/"This is not the way"/"Tell me you love me"   Helen's Flat [28:56/31:01 /33:19]
DeclarationRelationship Development
Love Scene
Helen & Nikki In bed/"You're amazing"/"can't believe I've really got you"/"gotta get you back to Larkhall"/"letter from your solicitor [...] bad news"   Helen's Flat [36:30]
DeclarationRelationship Development
Turning PointRelationship Conflict
Helen & Nikki "Not going to give up"/"I love you, N"/"not going back"/N wants to run away/H objects & dials emergency   Helen's Flat [42:54]
Back from the Brink
  Shell stabs Fenner      
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H doesn't complete emergency call /tells N she won't make it/"begging you don't be stupid"/"I'll drive you"   Helen's Flat [02:18]
  (N) Barbara wakes to alarm: "Nikki!"   Nikki's Cell (05:57-06:06)
Relationship ConflictDeclaration Helen & Nikki "Really did think we were gonna win it"/near-accident, cop pulls over/ Karen calls H in/"If we want a future the only chance [...] is to keep fighting for your appeal"   Helen's Car, G3 [08:34/10:06 /12:51]
  Helen & Nikki Sneak back into Larkhall   Prison Exterior, Entrance, Corridor, Interior Gate [17:53/19:25 /20:12]
  Helen Karen briefs H/H warns her to be careful with Shell, wants to talk to S   G3 Landing [21:30]
  Nikki Sneaks back from staff toilets/avoids Bodybag in corridor, reenters cell   Corridors, G1 [22:39/23:24]
  Helen Begins negotiations with Shell/"I've come in from home especially to try and help you"/"Yeah? Well that's your sad life then innit"   G3 Landing, Shell's Cell [24:31]
Scene ReferenceMusical Theme Nikki Barbara: "Don't be so stupid, Nikki. You put her in a terrible dilemma"/"We had one chance"   Nikki's Cell [25:10]
  (H) Di to Karen: "I made a note of his next-of-kin number, Miss Stewart said you might need it?"   Officers' Room (26:41-26:44)
  Helen Gets Shell to cover Fenner/list of demands/S agrees to let F go when she gets swinger/H briefs Karen, argues for time, K jumps the gun/H reaction shots/"Just be careful with her!"/H peeks in cell   G3 landing, Shell's Cell [28:38/36:30/ 39:48/ (44:36- 44:37/44:52- 44:54) /45:03- 45:05/ (45:55- 46:03)]
  Nikki Reacts to inmates' chant for Shell   Nikki's Cell [46:40]
Turning Point Helen Asks K if she can do a recce/"What my big question is, what was Jim Fenner doing in here in the first place"/reaction shots in cell   Shell's Cell [46:53/48:40]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N pounds on door: "Come and get me!"/H intercedes & calls away   Nikki's Cell, G1 [49:09/49:34]
Turning PointRelationship ConflictMusical Theme Helen & Nikki "It is all over"/"total hypocrite"/"can't hold it together"/"too strong what we feel & what we need"/"make our choices"/"coward, [...] all you want is an easy life"/"hate me for it"   Officers' Room [50:17]
  Nikki Tells Barbara she & Helen have split/"N&H RIP"   Nikki's Cell [53:09]
  Helen Holds back tears while standing alone on Wing   G1 [53:32]
Turn of the Screw
  Bodybag gets back at Shell; Fenner gets sympathy      
Prison Conflict Helen Argues with Stubberfield & Hollamby about Shell/H to run inquiry about attack on Fenner   Officers' Room [03:59]
  Nikki Bemoans situation to Barbara/"could have been swanning around San Francisco right now"/"might as well stay in here now she's dumped me"   G1 [06:32]
  Helen Questions Shell about her attack on Fenner/"when you want to start telling me the truth, instead of a load of bullshit, we'll talk again"   The Block [07:57]
  (H) Shell, taken to Muppet Wing: "I wanna see Miss Stewart! Get her down here, now!"/Bodybag: "Your patron saint isn't going to save you this time"   Muppet Wing (11:50-11:58)
DeclarationRelationship Development
CaretakerMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki Helen visits; "there is [an us] if you get outta here"/"one look from you"/"we're going to do everything [...] to get you out of here, whether you like it or not"   Nikki's Cell [12:37]
  Helen H tells Stubberfield she won't cooperate with a cover-up/Karen arrives, tells H she told police she had suspicions about Fenner before/H: "I'm beginning to think that we've got the man wrong"   Helen's Office [17:07/17:30]
  (H) Karen tells Fenner nobody believes Shell's rape claim, "not even Helen Stewart"   Hospital (21:34-21:42)
  Helen Questions Yvonne/"Cut the crap"   G3 Landing [38:00]
  Helen Visits Shell/"You heard something didn't you, about him and Miss Betts?"   Muppet Wing [39:59]
  Nikki Suggests Julie S. stay at Monica's shelter to qualify for electronic tagging   G1 [40:40]
  Helen Shell finally tells H why she attacked Fenner   Muppet Wing [42:09]
Prison Conflict Helen Asks Karen about relationship with Fenner   Karen's Office [45:15]
  (N) N watches as Shell returns from Muppet Wing   G1 (45:46-45:48)
Chains of Freedom
  Officers strike; Julie J. steals knife      
Prison Conflict Helen Discusses Fenner with Karen/"I am not calling your integrity into question"   Karen's Office [04:31]
  Nikki Upset that meeting with solicitor delayed   Nikki's Cell [09:14]
  Helen Suggests to Stubberfield & Karen they let inmates out of cells during officers' absence   G1 Gate [09:56]
  Helen & Nikki H asks N to keep an eye on things, assures N they can set up another meeting with her solicitor; discusses her report on Fenner   G1 [12:31]
  Nikki Jokes with Yvonne about trying women   G1 [15:05]
  Nikki Yvonne: "You could have your pick" /"You got someone on the outside?"   G1 [19:49]
  Nikki Watches Shaz sing 'Scarborough Fair'/asks how Julie J. is doing re missing Julie S.   G1 [26:56/27:15]
  Nikki Discusses with others how find missing knife; searches for knife   Kitchen, G1 [28:48/ (30:56-30:58)]
  Nikki Plots to cover up missing knife /Yvonne: "Blue Peter?"   Kitchen [32:10]
  Helen Presents report on Fenner   Officers' Room [34:07]
  Nikki Discuss continued absence of knife/ "We're not the bloody DST and I don't wanna be"   Servery [35:36]
  Nikki Reassures Barbara about knife; B suggests "someone might do themselves harm"   Nikki's Cell [37:38]
Caretaker Nikki Suspects Yvonne of taking knife/"I'm not suicidal you stupid cow, I just want a shag"/"you just haven't got the tackle"/N refers Y to male escort   Yvonne's Cell [38:51/40:58]
False Identity
  Gina arrives; Yvonne hooks up with male escort; Barbara has visit from stepchildren      
  Nikki Barbara expecting visit from her step- children, N comments they'll probably tell her to "piss off and die"/N amused by Yvonne, who is expecting a visit from the escort & is dressed to kill   G-Wing, Corridors [03:54]
  Nikki Concerned about Barbara & amused by Yvonne's offer to "help"/"She means well"   Nikki's Cell [15:51]
  Nikki Suggests Barbara hire a private detective to prove she is divorced, jokes B didn't think of it because "It takes a devious mind [...], as I'm the real criminal and you're not"   G1 [19:21]
  Nikki Barbara furious about the threatening calls the women made to her stepchildren; N tells them they messed up "big time"   G1 [24:16]
  Nikki Listens to nightcalls of the women apologizing to Barbara/"You've got a lot of friends out there"   Nikki's Cell [25:04]
  Nikki Tells Barbara stepchildren shouldn't complain "if they get a taste of their own medicine" for intimidating "an innocent woman"   Nikki's Cell [25:40]
  Nikki Commiserates after Barbara's meeting with Karen, only to learn B lied about being divorced   Nikki's Cell [27:13]
  Nikki Furious with Barbara for lying/"I trusted you. We all did. You're a shit!"   Nikki's Cell [30:00]
  (N) N watches as the women attack Barbara when Bodybag reveals her deception   G1 (33:08-33:11/ 33:31-33:33)
  Nikki Argues with Barbara again/"made a complete fool of me"/asks if B killed Peter for his money; B begs N to believe her/"If I lose you I don't think I can cope"   Nikki's Cell [37:58]
  Nikki Barbara explains why she lied/"How am I going to convince you all?" [that she didn't care about the money]   Nikki's Cell [40:16]
  (N) Barbara phones Monica: "I got your number from Nikki Wade"   G1 (42:26-42:33)
  (N) N watches as Barbara apologizes to the women & tells them she's given money to establish another halfway house   G1 (44:22-44:30/ 44:41-44:52/ 45:06-45:26)
Blood Ties
  Denny's piercing goes awry; Fenner returns & is spooked by Shell      
  Nikki N visible in background when Fenner returns/F: "haven't you got some hemlock or something to weed in your garden?"/watches Shell wind up F   G1 (07:03/07:22 /7:32-07:41)
Turning PointMusical Theme Helen & Nikki H tells N a witness has been found to testify   G1, Nikki's Cell [07:54/10:14]
  (N) N sitting with Yvonne as Gina pins up sign for pool tournament in Officers' Room/Y watches news about Charlie   G1 (14:01-14:03 /14:28-14:31)
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Nikki Congrats & good luck wishes for N from Gina/Fenner: "Don't count your chickens Wade, just 'cause your little Governor's been working after hours for you"/"miscarriage of justice"   Servery [19:27]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Nikki Discusses N with Karen/K: "I've never really thought of Nikki as a murderer"/ confronted by Fenner about helping N   Officers' Room [21:29]
  Nikki Bets on pool with Yvonne/reaction shots when K tells Y she's due in court tomorrow, & during pool match   G2 Landing [25:32/ (26:01-26:04/ 27:11-27:13)]
  Nikki Wishes Yvonne luck as she leaves for court   G1 [31:07]
Caretaker Helen Visits Denny in hospital   Hospital Wing [31:28]
  Helen Updates Shaz on Denny   4-Bed Dorm [38:47/43:54]
  Nikki Hanging with Barbara, hears Shell threaten to beat Shaz if Denny's not alright/"Shut it Shell"   G1 [41:36]
Caretaker Helen Tells Karen "I don't think there's any point in sending her down the Block, she's had punishment enough"   G1 [41:43]
  Helen H asks Shaz if she knows Jessie's whereabouts; Denny has blood-poisoning   4-Bed Dorm [43:42]
Do or Die
  Pam moves to G-Wing; Thomas arrives; Julies adopt cat      
  Helen & Nikki H announces lifers moving to G3/Shaz asks if she can go with H to see Denny   Library [00:23]
CaretakerFenner Conflict Helen Walks Pam to G-Wing/encounters Fenner who objects to Pam's presence/"maybe you should see a counselor, Jim"   G1 Gate, G1 [02:02]
  Helen & Nikki N & Shell trade insults as N moves to G3 /H arrives with Pam   G3 [02:23/02:41]
  (H) Fenner complains to Karen about putting Pam on G3/K: "I'm sick of your anti-Helen-Stewart campaign"   G1 [03:29-03:48]
Caretaker Helen Settles Pam into new cell while Shell eavesdrops outside   Pam's Cell [04:36]
Relationship ConflictCaretakerMusical Theme Helen & Nikki H asks N to look after Pam/"You can't win 'em all you know"/"Is that a principle for action?"/"just an 'I care about you'"   Nikki's Cell [05:37]
Caretaker Nikki N guides Pam through food line/Shell tells Pam "You wanna watch that lezzie Wade [...] I'd go up and scoff it in your cell, or nasty Nikki might take it off ya"   Stairway, Servery [09:44]
  Helen & Nikki H asks Shaz if she'd like to visit Denny/asks N about Pam/N: "She came down, just didn't hang around for the floor show"   G1 [11:28/11:40]
  Nikki Julies tell N they have something for her compost   G1 [11:51]
  (N) N's books set on fire   Nikki's Cell (12:13)
Caretaker Helen Visits Denny with Shaz   Hospital Wing [13:00]
  Nikki Julies ask N to hide cat/"I'm not having Tinker shitting in my shed"/"We knew you'd help us"   Potting Shed [14:13]
  (N) Di tells Karen "There's been a cell fire on G3—in Nikki Wade's"   Corridor (15:10)
Scene Reference Helen Tries to facilitate meeting with Shell & Pam/told about fire   Helen's Office [15:42]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki Sifts through burned books/"First thing you ever gave me"/N angry about Pam's arrival   Nikki's Cell [16:36]
Prison Conflict Helen Karen convenes meeting with officers about fire/H upset about assumption that Pam started fire   Officers' Room [17:11]
  Helen Questions Pam about fire   Pam's Cell [18:17]
Prison Conflict Helen Questions Dr Nicholson about Pam/ "The woman's criminally insane"/"I'm sorry Doctor, that isn't a diagnosis, that's an oxymoron"   Hospital Wing, Corridor [18:53]
  Nikki Complains to Julies about flea bites & warns Shell not to say anything about cat   Shower Room [22:02]
  (N) Nikki seen in background getting her tray   Servery (24:57-25:02)
  (N) Julies nervous about feeding cat because Pam is at the shed/Julie J.: "let's have a fag and go and wait for Nikki"   Garden (25:32-25:36)
  Helen Karen gives final warning about Pam/H: "I want to get Pam assessed by an independent psychiatrist"/"It'll be my head on the block, not yours"   Karen's Office [30:51]
  Helen Meets Thomas & briefs him on Pam   Prison Entrance, Entrance Courtyard [31:48]
  Helen Helen sees Pam leave the assessment /Thomas provides diagnosis   Entrance Courtyard, Thomas' temp office [36:06]
Caretaker Helen Briefs Karen/"How many more women's lives are we going to allow this man to waste?"/leave to advise Stubberfield of  Dr Nicholson's incompetence   Karen's Office [37:28]
Caretaker Helen & Nikki H checks in on Pam/N invites Pam to garden   Pam's Cell [38:25/38:53]
Caretaker Nikki Arranges to meet Julies/reunites them with lost cat and her kittens   G1 Gate, Garden, Potting Shed [41:42/42:04]
Relationship DevelopmentMusical Theme Helen & Nikki N asks H to sign cats' release warrant & apologizes about Pam/H: "I really feel I can change things now"/H gives new, inscribed copy of Sophie's World: "'Until we meet on the outside'"   G2 landing [42:37]
  Nikki Shell rude to Pam, then is stunned when N & the Julies arrive to serve Pam her meal/"Cat got your tongue Dockley?"   Servery [43:27]
Fenner ConflictTurning Point Helen Assaulted by Fenner   Officers' Room [45:39]
The Great Escape
  Documentary crew arrives; Fenner helps Shell escape      
Fenner Conflict Helen Fenner tries to apologize for assault, makes excuses   Corridor [01:23]
Prison Conflict Helen Pulls Karen out of meeting to ask about status of her relationship with Fenner   Officers' Room, Karen's Office [03:21]
Turning PointDeclaration Helen & Nikki H tells N about attack by Fenner   Garden [04:11]
  (H) Karen tells Fenner about her encounter with H/"very odd"   Karen's Office [07:26-08:14]
  Helen Stubberfield tells staff about film crew   Board Room [08:38]
  Helen & Nikki Karen introduces inmates to film crew   G-Wing [10:31]
  Nikki N in background as Bodybag, Shaz & Denny all act up for film crew/N looking away, towards stairs [for Fenner] as Buki flashes; tracks F, then Gina interrupts   G-Wing (14:59-15:04/ 15:16/ 15:27- 15:29/ 15:37- 15:39)
Fenner ConflictCaretaker Nikki Awaits Fenner & threatens him   Servery, Officers' Room [16:33]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H interrupts/follows N & berates her for confronting Fenner/"anger, jealousy, violence—those aren't the qualities that I generally look for in a person"   Officers' Room, Nikki's Cell [18:12/18:35]
  (H) Fenner tells Shell he would have had her transferred, but "bloody Stewart runs the show these days", suggests she fabricate diary for escape & implicate H   Shell's Cell [20:19-20:26/ 21:46-22:14]
  Helen & Nikki N apologizes to H/"concentrate on fighting your own [battle]"   G1 [22:17]
  Helen & Nikki H forbids film crew from shooting Lifers' session/Fionna: "I am only doing my job"/"Not historically a great excuse, is it?"   Library [30:02]
Uninvited Guests
  Shell & Denny torture Hollambys; Fenner continues to try to frame Helen; Stubberfield fired      
  Helen Strategizes how to handle escape with Karen & Stubberfield/Fenner appears with 'key impression' soap   G1 [03:34]
  (H) Officers discuss escape/Bodybag: "I blame Helen Stewart and her Lifers' Unit"   Officers' Room (07:57- 08:04)
  (H) Karen tells Fenner about descriptions of H in Shell's diary: "Her regime was slack, to say the least"/F: "I never thought she'd risk compromising the wing's security though"   G1 [11:43-11:54]
  Helen Asks Karen for update on investigation of escape; Karen doesn't share information re diary   G1 [11:55]
  Helen Interrogated by Area Management/"If I was given to conspiracy theories, I might almost begin to believe that I was being set up [...] Shell Dockley keeps grudges, not diaries"   Board Room [17:40]
Fenner Conflict Helen Tells Karen that she's been set up /Fenner arrives & is updated by Karen/H: "That surprise you does it Jim, that someone could be out to discredit me"   Officers' Room [20:35]
  Helen Fenner tells Karen he's going to be made a scapegoat/K: "You're starting to sound as paranoid as Helen"   Prison Carpark (30:58-31:01)
  Helen Questions Shaz   Shaz's Cell [31:29]
  Helen Karen tells H Bodybag hasn't reported for work & isn't answering phone, contacts police at Helen's suggestion   Karen's Office [34:18/36:34]
  Helen Fenner praises H for getting info from Shaz/Area Management summons F /Helen snarks "some chance" at the notion of Fenner telling them the truth   Officers' Room [39:14]
  (H) Karen tells Fenner "I see what you mean about Helen. I think she's got it in for you"/F: "Looks like she's gonna get her way doesn't it?"   Karen's Office [42:31-42:46]
  (N) Denny & Shell have false passports in the names of Barbara Hunt and Nicola Wade   Airport (46:28-46:33)
Common Criminal
  Di frames Crystal for drug use; Charlotte arrives      
Chapel of Love
  Crystal's hunger strike; Charlotte prompts Karen to investigate; Di beats mother; Crystal-Josh wedding; Fenner makes surprise visit to Di's house; Peckham gang arrives      
  Helen Arrives at work   Carpark, Prison Entrance [00:31]
  (H) Karen & Fenner learn H made acting #1   Officers' Room [01:51-02:16]
Turning PointPrison Conflict Helen Pins new nametag on sweater/final words with Stubberfield/"You're just a pretty face to brighten up the board table Helen, until they pick their man"   Helen's Office [02:19]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H meets with lifers' group & tells N about promotion/"Means you're the top of the shit heap. Fantastic."/H: "It sure as hell means 'Count your days Jim Fenner!'"   Library [04:40]
Fenner Conflict Helen Fenner again tries to make excuses & apologize to H for assault, H gives him  the cold shoulder   G2 Landing [09:28]
  (H) Fenner complains about H to Karen/K: "Helen Stewart's straight as a die"   Corridor [17:07-17:53]
  (H) Di tells Josh "I'll go and see the Governor and tell her I made a mistake" about Crystal's urine test   Josh's home (18:46-18:48)
  Helen After admitting to mixing up urine tests, Di questioned by H: "I need to find out how a strict step by step procedure can go so wrong"/given an official warning   Helen's Office [21:45]
Scene Reference Helen Lunch with Thomas & news about N from Claire   Helen's Office [25:34/26:38]
  (N) N yawning in servery queue   Servery (26:47-26:54)
  Nikki Summoned by Gina to H's office   Servery [27:19]
Turning PointRelationship Development Helen & Nikki Claire & H to N: appeal go-ahead/H: "big bloody YES!"/Thomas interrupts   Helen's Office [29:02/30:33]
  Nikki Watches fireworks display/Peckham Boot Gang arrives   G-Wing [40:17/40:46/ 41:31]
Battle Lines
  Femi arrives; Peckham gang strategizes & picks on Shaz; Julies prepare to leave; Yvonne fights Al      
  Helen H visible coming down outer stairway/G tells Bodybag "Stewart's been made new Number One"; Bodybag badmouths H/H appoints Bodybag Acting Principle Officer   Courtyard Entrance [(00:32-00:35/ 00:51-00:59) /01:01]
  Nikki Watches while Julies try to explain what they're serving to Femi/N comments to Julies about absurdity of Femi's imprisonment   Servery [01:45]
Prison ConflictRelationship ConflictCaretaker Helen & Nikki H tells Charlotte about her transfer; N leaning against wall in background/N backgrounded for Crystal's goodbye to Charlotte as well; moves off to express concern to H about Femi   G1 [04:56/05:47]
  Helen Tells Thomas about Femi/T invites H to conference   Garden, Courtyard Entrance [07:29]
Caretaker Nikki N & inmates try to talk with Femi/N collects phone cards/helps F with phone in background while Buki complains about 'her' missing ring/N watches Femi panic on phone, calls out as F runs upstairs   G1 [12:30/ (13:35-14:27/ 14:34-14:35) / 14:57-14:59]
Caretaker Nikki Attempts to ask Femi what happened /chides Bodybag for racist remark   Femi's Cell [15:00]
Caretaker Nikki With Yvonne watches Femi try to make another call/Yvonne tells N Femi is "not her problem [...] survival is what goes on in here, Nikki"   G2 [16:54]
Prison Conflict Nikki Inmates watch Femi force her way into office to use phone & get beaten, carted away by officers/"bastards!"   G1, G2 [20:28]
Prison Conflict Nikki Confronts Gina about Femi's beating   G3 Landing [21:27]
Caretaker Helen Visits Femi   The Block [22:36]
Caretaker Helen Talks to Femi via translator   Helen's Office [23:54]
Prison ConflictRelationship ConflictCaretaker Helen & Nikki H rejects N's demand for update on Femi/N: "I have a right to know how she is, haven't I?"/"Actually Nikki, no you haven't"   Exercise Yard [25:49]
  Nikki Discusses Femi with inmates/Crystal suggests protest/N: "we've all got too much to lose"   G1 [28:07]
Turning PointPrison ConflictCaretaker Nikki Seen still discussing Femi at pool table /makes speech for sit-out   G1 [(30:13-30:19) /30:43]
Caretaker Nikki Urges women to stand ground/Maxi suggests they "take the Threes"/N: "this is a non-violent protest"/riot begins   G-Wing [32:42/(33:24) 33:43]
Prison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki H arrives on Wing/Bodybag blames N/H tries to reassure inmates about Femi, demands explanation/glares at N/ water dumped on head   G-Wing [35:19]
  Helen Briefs officers on containment strategy   Library [40:40]
Caretaker Nikki Watches riot unfold with Yvonne & Barbara/decides to tackle rioters on her own as Y refuses to help/Caroline intervenes   G-Wing [41:36]
Caretaker Helen Tells Bodybag "main priority is to avoid a violent confrontation"/Bodybag again tells H Nikki is the ringleader   Corridor [43:43]
  Helen Approaches Caroline to thank her   G3 Landing [44:36]
Tough Love
  Peckhams steal inmate files; riot ends; Julies argue, are released, return      
  (N) Maxi goes to search the Officers' Room & is told by a con "Nikki said not to go in there"/M: "Nikki who?"   G1 (01:04-01:10)
  Nikki Caroline walks in on N washing/ "embezzlement"/"big following"/C tries to kiss N/"spoken for"   Nikki's Cell [01:13/01:53]
Prison Conflict Helen Talks through strategy with staff /"They have a genuine grievance, they're not out for themselves"   Library [04:09]
  Helen H announces compromise to inmates over tannoy   G-Wing [04:43]
Prison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N agrees to end protest but Maxi refuses/N: "They're a bit fired up"/H: "And who fired them up Nikki?"   Atrium [04:55]
CaretakerPrison Conflict Nikki Attempts to persuade Maxi & others to end riot/"we've made our point"   G1 [06:46]
  Nikki Upset Yvonne didn't back her/"There's some things you've got to make a stand for"   G2 Landing [07:47]
  Nikki With Yvonne's support locks Peckhams in cell   G1 [09:17]
Scene Reference Helen Plans to storm wing/"no victimisation, no score settling, this has to be a professional operation"/told by Gina that N says riot over   Library [09:37]
Prison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki "What are you waiting for Wade? I said get back to your cell!"   Atrium, G1 [10:08]
Turning PointPrison ConflictRelationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N: "It was about the system"/H: "You betrayed me"/"it's over"/"not even sad"   Outside Nikki's Cell, G3 landing [13:06]
  Helen Announces lock-down/"Is that tough enough for you Sylvia?"   G-Wing, Officers' Room [14:10]
Scene Reference Nikki Cries alone to accompaniment of catcalls from other women/"You're not Stewart's pet now, Wade"   Nikki's Cell [15:11]
  Helen Orders Bodybag to check that no files missing, instructs Gina to introduce Femi to the other Nigerian prisoner & take them to E-Wing   Officers' Room [16:44]
  Helen Coffee & anticipating conference with Thomas/"hold your hand"   Helen's Office [18:46]
Scene Reference Nikki Reports to Barbara that H has ended relationship, then talks with Caroline/ observed by Maxi   G1, Servery [20:14]
Scene Reference Helen Rejects Barbara's efforts to defend N's actions/"In case you've forgotten, it was Nikki who instigated the whole thing"   Officers' Room [21:50]
  Helen & Nikki Caroline visits N, proposes "inside- outside" sketch; they slip into shed/H watches from window   Garden [25:22/25:58]
  Nikki Peckhams taunt N/Maxi questions Caroline about her crime: "must be something really cool if Nikki here's giving you the time of day"   Servery [27:34]
  Helen & Nikki N tells Caroline not to let Maxi get to her/They kiss and are interrupted by H who asks N if she can have a word   Library [28:57/29:37]
Turning PointRelationship ConflictMusical Theme Helen & Nikki H warns N to be careful/"It could get you into serious trouble"/"We wouldn't be just a teeny bit jealous would we?"/"you're obsessed"   Library [31:22]
  Nikki Checks back with Caroline, doesn't share content of interaction with H; invites C to party/observed by Maxi   G1 [33:05]
  Nikki Julies' party with Caroline/Julies ask N if she & Caroline are together   Julies' Cell [33:46/34:37]
  (N) Al wants "one good reason why I don't go up there and pluck out Wade's eyeballs"/Maxi shows her Caroline's file note: "The longer we leave her, the deeper she digs herself in"   G1 [34:11-34:33]
  Helen To "reduce the workload on G-Wing", Helen gives Bodybag a list of inmates to be transferred, including Caroline   Corridor [35:40]
Scene Reference Nikki Has breakfast with Caroline and learns C's being shipped out, "Miss Stewart's orders"   Servery [39:11]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki N has it out with H about Caroline's transfer/"Can't bear to see me happy"/"You are way off"/N tells H she needs therapy for power issues   Helen's Office [39:40]
  Helen Gets ready to leave for conference with Thomas   Corridor [42:01]
Turning Point Helen & Nikki N learns about Caroline's history from Maxi: "big queen Nikki here's been shagging a nonce"/H sadly watches N as inmates gang up on Caroline   G1 [42:37]
Revolving Doors
  Di returns & targets Gina; Virginia arrives      
  Helen Returns from conference with Thomas   Corridor [20:43]
  (H) Josh encourages Crystal re meeting her solicitor, reminds her "Miss Betts and Miss Stewart" also on her side: "Tell him straight, you want them as your character witnesses"   Exercise Yard (26:36-26:49)
  (H) Yvonne suggests Shaz "have a word with Miss Stewart" about getting moved to the Threes in order to escape Al   G1 (35:04)
  (H) Shaz to Karen: "I need to see Miss Stewart"/K asks if she can help, & Shaz says it's "lifers' stuff"   Corridor (37:44)
  (H) Crystal tells Josh meeting with solicitor didn't go well/J: "Did you ask him about Miss Betts and Miss Stewart?"/C: "they can't help" her with harboring a criminal [Shell]   Exercise Yard (38:44-38:48)
Caretaker Helen Tries to find out what's going on with Shaz, asks if she's missing Denny /grants S's request to move to G3   Helen's Office [39:46]
Standing Up
  Fenner takes job with Virginia; Shaz learns self defense      
Fenner Conflict Helen Accuses Fenner of manhandling inmates/Thomas doesn't see it   Corridor [07:18]
  Helen Thomas apologizes for not backing up H/H second guesses herself/gives T report on assault/"Don't make the mistake of underestimating him"/T promises to help her bust Fenner   Helen's Office [10:43/14:01]
  (H) Fenner tells Karen that H "accused me of molesting a prisoner"   Officers' Room [12:38-13:18]
Fenner ConflictPrison Conflict Helen Karen confronts H about incident with Fenner, threatens action if H persists /"I don't think Officer Fenner should be working in a women's prison"/"I don't want to fall out with you"   Corridor, H's Office [15:44/16:41]
Caretaker Helen Asks Shaz why tore up cell/learns she's been beaten/"You know I take a very strong line on bullying"   Helen's Office, Thomas's Office [19:01/20:58]
  (H) Maxi asks Fenner if she got him into trouble with H/"She just gets jealous easy"   G1 (24:09-24:17)
  Helen Thanks Thomas for helping Shaz /agrees to go to dog races   Gym [25:30]
  Helen Letter with tip-off from Yvonne slipped under door   Helen's Office [31:06]
  Helen Yvonne tells H she'll get list of Fenner's brothels   G1 & G2 Landings [31:59]
Fenner Conflict Helen Yvonne gives H list/"I can make sure this gets Fenner sacked, out of the prison service for good [...] surely that's payback enough?"   G3 Landing [37:21]
Fenner Conflict Helen Stakes out Fenner with Thomas/flirting   Thomas' Car [38:39]
  Helen Dog races with Thomas   Racetrack [39:49/41:51]
Turning PointMusical Theme Helen Smokes & swigs vodka with Thomas/T's marriage/"maybe a bit too much"/kiss on couch   Thomas' Flat [43:52/45:29]
Cat & Mouse
  Shaz demonstrates new skills to Peckham Boot Gang; video of Denny appears      
  Helen Arrives at work   Carpark [00:25]
  Helen Fenner sees H kiss Thomas   Corridor [01:09]
  (N) Karen briefs officers; Nikki's "sitting her OU exam this morning, then she'll need an escort to the Lifers' group"/Fenner volunteers   Officers' Room (01:53-02:00)
Relationship Conflict Helen Discusses frustration with Fenner's no-show at brothels with Thomas/T walks out in a huff   Helen's Office [03:20]
  Helen Pushes Yvonne to pin down info on Fenner   Yvonne's Cell [07:14]
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Nikki Finishes exam/Fenner tells N about H & Thomas   Classroom, Corridor [08:08]
Relationship Conflict Helen & Nikki Lifers' meeting/N confronts H about Thomas   Library [09:49]
Relationship Development Helen & Nikki N & H apologize/awkward conversation about their individual futures   Nikki's Cell [13:00]
Scene Reference Nikki Tells Barbara about H & Thomas   G1 [15:14]
  Helen Yvonne gives H details about Fenner's next brothel visit   G1 gate [15:51]
Fenner Conflict Helen Stakes out Fenner; confronts him about dealings with Virginia when he appears/bluffs about back-up   Outside Brothel [17:58/20:56]
Fenner Conflict Helen Fenner visits Virginia & finds H there/ Virginia denies dealings   Virginia's Cell [23:33]
Fenner Conflict Helen Demands Fenner's resignation/he agrees   Officers' Room [24:46]
  Helen Orders Virginia put in solitary   Officers' Room [26:33]
  (H/N) Fenner convinces Di to search for evidence about H & N affair   Officers' Room [27:30]
  Nikki Optimistic about future to Barbara, offers to open letter from B's solicitor   G1 [28:49]
  Helen Gives Yvonne thumbs-up about Fenner's resignation   G1 [30:04]
  Nikki Says goodbye to Crystal   G1 [(31:26-31:27) /31:34]
  (H/N) Di searches Barbara's cell/Fenner forces her to search H's office   Barbara's Cell, Helen's Office [33:34/35:30]
  Nikki Shocked to see Crystal back   Servery [35:54]
  (H/N) Di finds nurse's jacket   Helen's Office [36:39]
  (N) Di reports back to Fenner/F: "We'll have to give Wade's cell a spin"   Officers' Room [37:12]
Fenner Conflict Nikki Di searches N's cell & finds ticket stub/N winds Fenner up   Nikki's Cell, G3 [39:13]
Musical Theme Nikki Hesitates to celebrate victory over Fenner with Thomas/T: "totally in love with you"/H doesn't respond in kind   Thomas's Office [40:30]
  Nikki Barbara tells N her cell has been searched/remembers her diary   G1 [41:57]
  (H/N) Barbara discovers diary is missing   Chapel [42:51]
  (H/N) Fenner & Di decipher Barbara's diary & realize N escaped from Larkhall to be with H   Near the bins [43:05]
  (H) Yvonne bids Fenner premature farewell, winds him up about getting caught moonlighting/F: "Who told you that, Stewart?"   Corridor (44:03-44:15)
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen Fenner withdraws plans to resign/ confronts H about evidence of her & N/threatens her with exposure if she doesn't resign   Helen's Office [44:59]
Coming Out
  Crystal pregnant; Karen accepts Fenner's marriage proposal; Virginia murdered      
Fenner ConflictScene Reference Helen Fenner taunts H, threatens to question Barbara/"If the Appeal Court finds out about Wade's escape, I'll have the both of you"   Corridor [01:53]
Turning PointDeclarationMusical Theme Helen & Nikki H tells N she's resigned/"you were my hope"/"I kept letting you down"/ presses N to focus on appeal/Thomas interrupts/H: "Goodbye, Nikki"   Library [02:59]
Relationship Conflict Helen H tells Thomas she's resigned/"Don't psychoanalyse me"/"lying to me"/ "don't know how you'd react to the truth"   Corridor [04:50]
Fenner Conflict Helen Announces departure to Karen/"It was Jim"/"he's a misogynist bastard"/"he's all yours"   Karen's Office [06:03]
  (H) After H leaves, Karen tells Fenner "This thing she's got against you turned into some kind of obsession"   Karen's Office (06:33-06:36)
  Helen Thomas pushes H about defeat/"Make me feel worse than I already do!"/"I've gone to the wire fighting the shit in this service"   Helen's Office [07:12]
Scene Reference Nikki Tells Barbara & Yvonne H resigned   G1 [07:59]
Fenner Conflict Helen In response to Fenner's taunts as she leaves, H threatens F: "nothing left to lose"/"gonna drag you all the way down with me"   Corridor [08:12]
Turning PointMusical Theme Helen & Nikki N watches from her cell in tears as H leaves/H looks up at her   Nikki's Cell, Prison Gate [08:52]
  Nikki Barbara wishes N luck as she leaves for the appeal hearing   G-Wing [09:17]
  (H) After Virginia tells Fenner that Yvonne tried to give her a scare about him, he tells her "it was Miss Stewart who put her up to it, so you'll be glad to hear she's resigned"   Virginia's Cell (10:21-10:29)
Fenner Conflict Nikki Fenner tries to provoke Nikki while escorting her to the court   Prison car, Entrance Courtyard [10:44]
  Nikki Barrister outlines basis of appeal & opens proceedings/Sally-Anne Howe testifies/forensic report presented/ Barrister concludes: "DC Gossard's actions clearly amounted to provocation"/"Let Nicola Wade go free"/Court adjourns   Court [11:32/13:52 /17:30/19:22]
  Nikki Returns to Larkhall for night, is greeted by Barbara   G-Wing [21:03]
  Nikki In background drinking tea with Barbara in the Servery   G-Wing (21:42-21:44/ 21:49-21:51/ 21:56)
  (H) After confronting Yvonne for telling the wing about him & Virginia, Fenner tells her no one will take her allegations seriously "now soppy Stewart's gone"   G1 Stairway (22:01-22:07)
  (H/N) T: "I believe every word Helen said about you"/F: "I couldn't stand by a woman who was shagging behind my back"/F tells T about H & N/Thomas punches F   Corridor [22:59-23:21]
Turning PointScene ReferenceRelationship Development Helen Dinner with Thomas/"there's something you're not telling me"/H minimizes relationship with N/"you're not even being honest with yourself"/Thomas walks out   Restaurant [23:35/25:55]
  (N) Di resists Fenner's pressure to plant weapon on N/"You'll just have to [...] tell the court how you found out about Wade's escape"/Di refuses   G3 Landing (27:07-27:36)
  Nikki Can't sleep; Julies call out support   Nikki's Cell [27:50]
Turning Point Nikki Says goodbyes   G-Wing [28:21]
Turning PointScene Reference Nikki Wins appeal/"free to go"/Claire can't wait to tell H: "she's going to be so pleased"   Court [30:31]
  (N) Inmates watch the news report on TV: "Miss Wade, having already served a three-year sentence, has left the court a free woman"/celebrate   G1 (32:54-33:15)
Relationship DevelopmentDeclarationScene Reference Nikki Inmates watch coverage of N's trial on TV/N speaks to press: "one woman I've got to thank [...] she always believed in me"/"owe that woman [...] my life"   G-Wing, Court Steps [33:17]
Scene ReferenceMusical Theme Helen H tearfully watches press conference on TV   Pub [33:57]
Scene Reference Helen & Nikki N uncomfortable at bar/Trish: "she must have really got to you"/"Helen was there for me"   Nikki's Club [35:54]
  (H) Karen finds H's report of Fenner's sexual assault   Karen's Office (37:26-37:40)
Declaration Helen & Nikki H arrives to congratulate N/"you stood by me when no one else gave a damn"/"wouldn't have missed it for the world"/H sees Trish, leaves   Nikki's Club [39:58]
Scene Reference Nikki Trish tells N to go after her/"She's not interested in me"   Nikki's Club [42:44]
Turning PointDeclarationRelationship Development
Love SceneCaretakerMusical Theme
Helen & Nikki N runs outside/"I've been such an idiot, N"/"I want a woman"/"we'll take things slowly"/'to be continued'   Outside Club, Doorway [43:28/46:53]




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