Gallery: Episode 2.13

Rather than continue to speculate about this item, we're just saving a place for it until we know more, with a heartfelt request that if you find this little pup, please get in touch! We've looked everywhere, and have lots of theories, but... that's all we've got, despite our best efforts. So consider this spot Reserved.

Regardless of precise dating or origin, the tapestry clearly evokes the medieval period: fitting symbolism for this pair, and wonderful imagery for the couple's first night together, where Nikki enters Helen's space, and Helen enters Nikki's world. It's also worth noting that the piece has replaced the Miro previously hanging over Helen's bed. Whatever the Miro meant to Helen, its replacement with the tapestry suggests she is creating a new mental space--clearing out some of the old furnishing decorating her interior, and prepared the way for something new. The tapestry's historic setting suggests her new foundation will be a sound one.

Some of these shots were deliberately over-brightened & otherwise enhanced in order to make their details more visible.



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