Gallery: Episode 1.09
Artist Unknown (Rodin?)

EK: This print is seen during the scene where Nikki calls Helen at home. Some viewers believe this is a drawing by Rodin: he has a series of nudes including lesbian pairs, but extensive searches haven't turned up 'the' drawing. Surely this should be a relatively easy question to settle if it's really a Rodin. Fans are tickled by the idea that Helen's apartment might sport art featuring female nudes, especially paired. The idea has appeal but is not persuasive: Helen's apartment feels warm and lived-in with a lot of vibrant colors, but her decoration feels of the moment—I imagine her going to a show or gallery, seeing something she likes and buying it; there's no overriding design or thematic coordination here, the accents are emotional. As well, I'm not convinced the subject matter is two women: traditional dark/light oppositions are usually male/female. It looks like the darker figure here is in fact female (long hair, smoother limbs), but beyond that, I can't make out the figures well enough to tell.

JT: My lack of art history knowledge makes me hesitate before saying this painting is by Rodin. However, to me the painting looks like two women (or two androgynous figures) and it is noteworthy that Helen just happened to pick out a semi-erotic painting with two women in it to hang in her apartment. She thinks nothing of it, but it's a message from her subconscious. And it's no accident that this is the painting literally hanging over her head when Nikki calls, which is, in essence, the first time Nikki "enters" her apartment.

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