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This section of the website offers an eagle-eyed look at Bad Girls character development, filming techniques, symbolism, and anything else we noticed simmering beneath the surface. We've also added a new section, "Closeups," which takes a look at a single scene or sequence and analyzes it in detail.

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Bad Girls: A Legal Viewpoint
Author: A. Konig
May 2008

Prisons and the Crisis of Imprisonment and Legitimacy
Author: A. Konig
August 2007

"Falling Apart": Wordplay and Parallels
Author: Orange
June 2007

Nikki Wade: Reflections on Heroic Traditions
Author: Richard B.
March 2007

Bad Girls Takes on Law and Order
Author: Jennifer T.
February 2007

Camera Angles
Author: E. Kline
February 2007

Narrative Influences in Bad Girls
Author: E. Kline
November 20, 2006

Loose Threads
Author: E. Kline
April 2006


S1E10: Suit-Burning
Author: E. Kline

S3E16: Helen Coming Out
Author: Jennifer T.

S1E7: Cross-Cutting
Author: E. Kline


Fun Stuff

Helen and Nikki Relationship Chart
Author: Rivergal

HMP Larkhall/Oxford Prison Photo Tour
Authors: Kerry B. and E. Kline

Bad Girls Gematria: A Moral Calculus
Author: Jennifer T.

Bad Girls: Expanded Art Gallery Updated
Author: E. Kline

The Nikki Wade Reading List
Author: Jennifer T.

"A Bit of Detective Work:" The Timeline
Author: Jennifer T.



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