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Bad Girls is a fantastic television show. And there are a lot of fantastic websites about it. They offer tons of photos and screenshots, news articles, ongoing messageboard activity, and as much fanfic as your heart desires.

But there's very little in the way of serious, thoughtful writing on this show. Only a few published academic essays (check out our Bibliography for a list), and almost nothing in the popular media. There are entire books of cultural studies criticism on everything from The L Word to Sex and the City... but virtually nothing on Bad Girls. This omission has always struck us as both baffling and intensely frustrating. This website is about trying to address that gap.

We've written summary episode analyses, close readings of scenes, as well as longer essays which examine a character or theme over the course of many episodes (or many seasons). There's a tour of Oxford Prison (where Bad Girls was filmed), a reading list, a timeline, a glossary, and other bits and pieces scattered throughout the site. Enjoy!

(For the spoiler-conscious, this site is chock-full: most pieces assume you've seen at least the first three seasons.)


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  You know you've been waiting for it. Yes, a list and description of every Helen and Nikki scene, categorized, with time-stamps.

We've got a lawyer's analysis of Nikki's trial and appeal. It's fascinating.

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Sep. 26, 2010 Added a new close-up, on S1E7, examining cross-cutting in the Helen-Nikki scenes in the episode.

June 26, 2009:
Replaced the art gallery with a more elaborate, in-depth analysis of various items of background art.

April 12, 2009:
Updated the Timeline with some additional information about the timing of Helen's resignation in S2E2.


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